Jazz Launches Simplified Roaming Rates for Postpaid Customers

Getting a reliable yet affordable internet package on your Mobile phone no matter where in the world you travel to, can be a nightmare.

First of all, you discover that your data roaming charges shoot through the roof. Or you’d find out that the country you just landed in, doesn’t support your network’s SIM, leaving you out of touch with everyone in a remote corner of the world.

If you have ever faced either of the scenarios outlined above, you can understand how frustrating and infuriating those data roaming charges can be. Are Pakistani mobile users left out cold – worrying about finding that next WiFi hotspot in foreign lands? And while they are at it, should they ditch their local SIMs in favor of more expensive plans from other telecom services providers in other countries?


In Spirit of Ramadan, Jazz Introduces Saudi Bundle

The good news is, Jazz has the answer to this problem. Customers who use Jazz’s postpaid plans do not have to worry about anything. High and unpredictable data roaming charges are history thanks to Jazz’s newly introduced Simplified Data Roaming Rates for more than 50 countries, covering popular travel destinations.

What are Jazz Simplified Data Roaming Rates

For all Jazz Postpaid users, individual as well as business customers, they can enjoy one single, affordable rate to continue using internet in up to 50 popular travel destinations.

Jazz customers will be able to enjoy simplified data roaming rates in more than 50+ countries, saving as much as 80% of the costs. You don’t need to purchase expensive SIMs in other countries anymore. Nor will you have to wait until you can find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your vicinity to get in touch with your personal or business contacts in no time at all.

Where are Jazz Simplified Data Roaming Plans Active?

These rates are applicable on some of the most frequently traveled international destinations including UAE, Dubai, Saudi, UK, USA, Italy, Malaysia, and many more.

For the complete list of countries you can check out this link.

Jazz says that its new data roaming plans are built on one single factor – Simplicity. No confusions, No bill shocks. You can enjoy convenience in-transit and on the go.

If your travel itinerary involves globe-trotting to various countries, choose smart. Choose Jazz’s postpaid plans for maximum convenience and no-frills data coverage at popular destinations. Sign up for Jazz today!