In New Focus on Hygiene, PIA Starts Offering Disposable Pillows

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is taking baby-steps in a bid to improve the overall outlook of the company. The latest of these is the introduction of disposable pillows in flights to focus on hygiene.

Hygiene has been one of the most common of issues faced by the passengers and it has already pushed away a number of customers to private airlines.

Earlier, the national flag carrier had refurbished the cabins to address issues like smelly seats, murky curtains and filthy lavatories.

Disposable Pillows

The latest of improvements, disposable pillows, is to ensure that every passenger gets a new, bacteria-free pillow without there being any compromise on hygiene.

PIA has already started distributing new, disposable pillows during the flights, which has helped address the hygiene issue somewhat.

Disposable Pillows on Seats PIA Plane

Disposable Pillows PIA


While PIA is trying its best to counter the challenges faced by the administration in getting the company’s name among the best airlines of Pakistan and the world, there are still many issues that still need to be resolved at the earliest. The airline has consistently been featuring in the list of world’s worst airlines due to a barrage of issues and mismanagement has often been the cause of some bad marketing.