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KIA Unveils New Upgrade Packages to Convert Your Grand Carnival to EX+

KIA is on the move in the Pakistani market having launched the Grand Carnival Standard, Grand Carnival EX and the Grand Carnival EX+ just recently.

If you have a Grand Carnival EX and are looking to upgrade it to EX+ KIA has a good news for you. You can now choose from three different packages – Safety Features, Smart Features and Power Features – starting from Rs 200,000/-.

Let’s have a look at the features offered in each package.

Safety Package

These are the features which can be added to your Carnival EX to make it an even safer ride for you while enjoying the perks of EX+. The add-on safety features can be purchased at Rs 200,000/-.

  • Hill Assist Control
  • Brake Assist System
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Full Airbags

Grand Carnival to EX

Grand Carnival Grand Carnival

Smart Package

Beef up your MPV with these smart features for Rs. 400,000/-, converting it into Grand Carnival EX+.

  • Privacy Glass
  • Integrated Memory Seat
  • Driver Powered Safety Window
  • Heated seats D+P
  • Sunshade Blinds
  • Smart Power Tailgate
  • SXL Package
    • Interior Wood Garnish
    • Black Glossy Front Grill
    •  Floor Console+Sunglasses Case+Mood Lamp
    • Design changes (Exterior & Interior)
    • Wood+Leather Steering Wheel
    • D+P Heated Seats
  • Passenger Power Seat
  • Ventilated Seats D+P

Grand Carnival Interior

Grand Carnival Interior

Grand Carnival Seat


Power Package

The Power Package is an all-in-one package, offering the features of both Smart and Safety packages and that too at a discounted rate. If you are up for ramping up your car, the Power Package is the best option which can be availed at Rs 550,000/- instead of Rs 600,000/- (200,000+400,000).

The Pricing

KIA Grand Carnival’s Standard version is up for sale at Rs. 3,999,000/- while the high-spec EX version can be purchased at Rs. 4,799,000/-.


KIA Unveils the All New Sportage

To convert your Grand Carnival EX into EX+, you can opt for any of these packages allowing you to make vast improvements in the MPV overall, starting from Rs 200,000/-, and going all the way up to Rs 550,000.

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