Microsoft is Working on Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox: Report

Microsoft is teaming up with their old partner in crime, Razer, to potentially change the face of gaming on consoles. The two corporations are planning on bringing keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox, which could give the platform a massive edge over its rivals, especially now that cross-platform play is becoming a thing.

The news was revealed in a leaked document obtained by Windows Central, which is said to have been made earlier this year in April and targeted towards game developers. The Verge has similarly confirmed the authenticity of the presentation.

Slides from the presentation show Razer’s Turret keyboard and mouse combos, though, the update is meant to bring support for all keyboard and mouse devices (bar those that work with Bluetooth or ones that use custom drivers, at least, initially).

RGB Lighting Support

The future update was said to have enabled the trademark RGB lighting on Razer accessories by bringing access to further APIs. Worth noting is also the fact that Turret accessories are targeted at living rooms, which should make the leak more believable


Microsoft Brings 2K Resolution and AMD FreeSync Support for Xbox One

Details as to the current state of the project are still minuscule, though, the project is expected to bear fruit this fall. When the update has arrived, games will apparently be able to sense the presence of keyboards and mice and offer pointers for further accessibility.

The gamepad support will still be required, of course, as that isn’t going away. But with Fortnite’s support for cross-platform between the PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Microsoft is apparently planning to extinguish the gulf which will be apparent between the three platforms.

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