Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 9’s Release Date

People looking for a new phone can book their calendars now, with the launch date of Samsung’s next flagship phone finally confirmed.

The Galaxy Note 9, Samsung’s traditional mid-of-the-year flagship, will be launched at its Unpacked event on August 9th in New York City, as revealed in a teaser trailer posted on the company’s YouTube channel.

Samsung Galaxy 9s Unpacked August 9th 2018

The trailer shows little to get you excited, other than a golden S-Pen, the distinguishing feature of the series. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this event is the launch date itself, which has been moved forward to early August, rather than leaving it at the end of the month.

RIP Note 7

One can never forget the last time Samsung moved a launch ahead of its normal schedule, two years back when it announced the Note 7, an event which eventually cost the company $3.1 billion and a tarnished image to go hand-in-hand.


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Still, it would allow Samsung to release its product before September, which is the time when Apple usually announces its runaway success, the iPhone.


The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be another significant upgrade for the series, with radical design improvements accompanied with thinner bezels included. The display might be stretched to a 6.4-inch panel, with the RAM set at 8 GB. The battery life will finally be a noteworthy one on a Samsung phone, with a 4000 mAh unit.

Expect the phone to cost a pretty penny, to go along with the feature set and the Samsung name. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait too long to confirm whether it’s worth the upgrade or not.