Sony Mobile is Pulling Out of Middle East, Turkey and Africa: Rumors

Evan Blass, a noted mobile reporter, said in a tweet that Sony Mobile might be discontinuing its operations in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.

Though there’s no official statement from the company yet, Blass believes that it will completely pull out from some regions by October this year.

Sony has been falling behind in the smartphone business for quite some time now. Mainly due to the company’s poor marketing tactics and inattentiveness to current trends. Moreover, Sony’s mobile division has also been criticized for sticking to outdated designs.


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Still, Sony flagships have always been super-premium with great build quality (despite aging designs) and impressive hardware, the company’s attention to detail is truly remarkable. It might not enjoy a significant market share, but it does have a loyal fan-base that sticks to Sony products.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Rear

If it really is pulling out from these regions, it could mean that Sony wants to shift its focus to regions where premium, flagship devices are more popular instead of midrangers. Companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo have dominated the Middle Eastern regions, where cheap but attractive devices are more popular than the expensive ones.

Sony also suffered sale volume decrease for pricing its recent flagships too highly.

Still, some of the best smartphones ever made are from Sony, XZ Premium recently got rated as the best phone on Antutu. Its successor, XZ2 Premium, is coming soon and has a launch date of 30th July at an eye watering price tag of $999.