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From shopping to booking tickets online, the digital world continues to make our lives easier by offering countless solutions to our everyday problems. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that today our life has become much easier due to the solutions offered by online startups and businesses. These developments are quite visible in almost all the sectors; however, healthcare was one segment where the digital advancements are not as prominent as compared to others. Nevertheless, this untapped segment is now being recognized by startups and a wind of change has started to blow.

Hayaat.pk is exactly the kind of digital healthcare platform that single-handedly addresses the major issues that we witness in the healthcare industry. This groundbreaking idea can potentially change the overall situation of the healthcare sector in Pakistan. With the current unsatisfactory situation of healthcare services in Pakistan further illustrated by the inadequacy of hospitals and clinics, Hayaat.pk aims to bridge this gap for the people in urgent need of these services. It provides a unique digital solution to book appointments with doctors and consultants, so that there are no delays in availing the services.

Hayaat.pk – An Introduction

Hayaat.pk is a healthcare platform that allows users to find doctors in their preferred areas according to their specialties and book appointments instantly. The list of features does not stop here – using Hayaat.pk, people can also find volunteer blood donors, keep a track of their medical records, order prescription medicines, get blood samples collected right from homes for the laboratory tests, and locate the nearest emergency centers as well.

Since healthcare services are not currently up to the mark in Pakistan and face a number of shortcomings and problems, Hayaat.pk has been designed keeping in view all these problems and meets all these gaps. While there are not enough doctors to cater the increasing number of emergencies and chronic illnesses, this solution has listed down ample number of doctors for you who you can find on the basis of their specialties or your areas and locations. You can also reach out the blood donors in the hours of urgent need without having to run from place to place looking for a matching donor. This and much more has now been rendered easier with Hayaat.pk.


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In order to know more about Hayaat.pk, we got in touch with the founder of Hayaat.pk Malik Usama. Hayaat.pk is the brainchild of Usama who shared, “Hayaat.pk is not just a healthcare platform but it is a vision to make healthcare facilities available to all. We have worked extensively in order to collect authentic data and getting doctors on board. In all the features that we are offering, we have worked day in and day out just to ensure that all the information available at Hayaat.pk is genuine and accurate”.

He further added,

“I have seen people helpless in public hospitals pleading the medical staff to attend their patients. Although the paramedical staff has a lot of work to do in Pakistan because the ratio is very imbalanced, the patients in terrible condition should not be ignored at any cost. This is why I thought there is a need of a platform that can allow people to find doctors in their nearest areas and book appointment with them easily so that they don’t have to wait in lines for hours and hours, which can of course be a very inconvenient situation, especially for a patient.”

The idea of Hayaat.pk seems quite simple but it took a lot of effort to gather all the required data of the doctors including the information. “We had to meet all the doctors personally to get them on board because for doctors, at first, were not willing to share their details. However, after giving a complete overview of the platform, we were able to clear their reservations and got them on board”.

“Verifying the information of the blood donors was also a very big challenge but our dedicated team worked with passion and commitment to ensure that we only have authentic information on our portal that people in need can use to find blood donors,” said Usama.

Hayaat.pk has also integrated a rating system where users can rate their experience and give feedback, not only about the services availed through this solution but also of their experience they had with our listed doctors. So basically, it is the opinion of the users on which we base the standards of the quality of our service. This feedback mechanism enables the new users on website and application to read the rating and comments of previous users to make a more informed decision. This reflects the transparency and partiality of our services. Moreover, when the doctors know that their services are going to be rated, they provide optimum services, which is not only beneficial for the receiver of the patients but adds value to the credibility of the doctors as well.

Current Performance

Hayaat.pk is an ever-evolving platform where the process of development never stops. The founders of Hayaat.pk are always looking to introduce new features to the portal to provide better healthcare services to the users. Currently, the services of Hayaat.pk are available in three major cities i.e. Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad; however, more cities will be covered soon for which the groundwork is in progress.

The appointments booked through Hayaat.pk and the orders of medicines are increasing every day. This means that Hayaat has already started creating an impact in healthcare sector. Within this short span, Hayaat.pk has also collaborated with the trusted pharmacies to ensure the delivery of original and reliable drugs – namely Sehat.com.pk, a Fazal Din Online Pharmacy. Their informative blogs are also getting the attention of people from all over the world and are becoming a source of authentic medical knowledge for the masses.

Talking about the performance, Malik Usama said,

“Slowly but gradually people are getting aware of our platform and we are quite optimistic that within a few months, we will be able to make Hayaat.pk one of the leading digital health platforms of the country”.

The Way Forward

In a developing country like Pakistan where the annual expenditure on health is lower than that in many smaller countries, platforms like Hayaat.pk are like a ray of hope. It is as evident as it sounds that the standard of healthcare services in the country is not even satisfactory. There is no proper health infrastructure and the condition is worsening with time. If properly marketed, Hayaat.pk and other digital health ventures can create ripples of change in this sector and make health care available for all!

For more information, log on to Hayaat.pk.

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