This Reporter Knew the Verdict in Avenfield Case Before Anyone Else

For many of us, July 6th 2018 could be considered one of the most historic days in Pakistan’s history. A day when millions of Pakistanis waited for hours to know the final fate of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif and his immediate family members in the Avenfield flats case.

The Accountability Court was originally due to announce the verdict at 11.30 am. Instead, the case was announced after a 5 hour delay that kept most of us guessing.


Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Capt. Safdar Sentenced to Jail in Avenfield Case

However, it seems that one gentleman (mostly) correctly predicted the punishments for Nawaz Sharif and Co. And we have the tweet to prove it:

The individual is none other than ARY News Bureau Chief Sabir Shakir. His tweet from five hours ago was trolled, mocked and made fun of. In fact, he went on to become one of the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan today.

Granted, he got the part about Captain Safdar wrong (who was awarded 1 year instead of 5 years as Shakir’s tweet states). But hey, credit where its due.

Now obviously we had to check if the time stamp was legitimate or not, because a person’s geographical location can influence it. It may be due to the tweet being made from other part of the world. However, that most probably wasn’t the case here.

We decided to check the responses below his tweet, most of them from accounts originating from Pakistan.

This was the first one:

And this is the most recent one:

We’ll leave you to decide what type of tech-hackery or voodoo there was at play here, but all signs indicate that Mr Sabir Shakir called it (mostly) right.

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  • ‘It may be due to the tweet being made from other part of the world’

    Twitter displays the time based on YOUR location, not the person who tweeted it. Genius.

  • First of all this is sponsored content as the writer, Samir is heads the sponsored content, second there is 1 mistake in the “prediction” that Safdar got 1 year punishment not 5 years, 3rd it is quite possible that Sabir Shakir is or know Ander ka aadmi :P

  • May God save Nawaz Sharif and other innocent people and our country. Everything was scripted.

    • Sharam tumko aati nahi..jisne kae martaba pakistan ka aur uski awaam ka paisa loota aur usi ko save krne ki Allah se duae mangrahe ho.Yeh ek Mulk ghaddar jo Hamesha India k saat mil kr mulk ko gharaat krne mai koi qassr nahi chori. Hamesha pakistan ki Army per ilzaam lagaya. aur Duniya mai Pakistan ki izzat ko khaaq mai milaya. PLM-N walo ko kuch nazar nahi ataa. Yeh aur iska khandaan woh hai jo pakistan ka paisa loot loot kr mulk se bahr property banai bus alection lrne pakistan mai rehte h. Shame On Nawaz Sharif and PMLN.

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