Ufone Operates Largest Self Service Booth Network in Pakistan

While customer support has become more demanding and resource hungry with time, telcos in Pakistan are continuously working on automating the support functions, and making their customers self-reliant.

This approach has not only allowed customers to help themselves round the clock, the move is considered economically more viable and redundant when it comes to both sales and after sales services of telecom companies.

With Self Service Booths, telecom operators have finally found a way of scaling up their support network to every corner of the country.

While there are many operators who offer self service booths in Pakistan, Ufone leads the race with its largest Self Service Booth network countrywide, an industry-first solution to facilitate its customers.

What is a Self Service Booth

For those who don’t know, a Self Service Booth is an interactive machine, which allows customers to perform all support-related activities conveniently and securely. You can consider it as an ATM — where a lot of functions are carried out by customers themselves, without asking for human help.

Ufone Self Service Booth

This essentially means that all sorts of functions that were previously offered at service centers or franchises only, are now readily available at Self Service Booths — round the clock.

Not to mention, Ufone Self Service Booth is a free service for its customers, who might get charged for performing activities such as SIM purchase, bill payment, balance recharge, etc. at franchise outlets. For any service that involves a monetary transaction, the Self Service Booth machine takes payments in the form of cash from customers to perform activities — and may dispense cash to return any change as required.

The latest version of Ufone Self Service Booths also accept debit and credit cards for bill payments or any other feature that may involve a fee (such as SIM replacement).

Ufone’s Self Service Booth provides the following features to the customers:

  • New SIM (Prepaid only)
  • SIM Change
  • Bill Payment and Recharge
  • Load Super Card
  • PTCL Bill Payment
  • Bio-metric Re-verification
  • Issuance of Daewoo Tickets
  • Video based customer support

Where to Find Ufone Self Service Booths

Ufone currently maintains 38 Self Service Booths across 11 cities throughout the country. While the company plans to expand the footprint of its self service booths, here is the list of cities where it operates at least one such automated machine, installed and ready to help the customers:

  1. Abbottabad
  2. Attock
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Gujranwala
  5. Islamabad
  6. Karachi
  7. Lahore
  8. Multan
  9. Peshawar
  10. Rawalpindi
  11. Sialkot

You can check the location of Self Service Booths on Google Maps by clicking this link.

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