Shaheen Air Banned from Operating Islamabad-Dubai Flights from This Friday

It seems that the problems of Shaheen Air International (SAI), continue to pile up. Yesterday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued orders that bar SAI from scheduling international flights for the Islamabad-Dubai route, with effect from 13 July 2018.

CAA made this announcement late in the evening yesterday. It sent a letter to SAI and informed the airline that its flights NL 221 and NL 224 have been canceled till further orders. CAA has directed the airline to intimate the affected passengers accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

CAA said that this action was taken after SAI defaulted on regulatory and other charges. SAI has to pay Rs. 1.25 billion due to those charges.

The aviation authority has requested passengers who are traveling to Dubai from 13th July onwards to make alternative arrangements.


Stormy Skies Ahead for Shaheen Air as It Cuts Its Fleet by 6 Aircraft

After punitive action was taken by CAA, SAI’s spokesperson told ProPakistani that the airline management has given the green signal on all payments according to a mutually-agreed schedule.

“SAI is in contact with CAA regarding the payments and other financial matters. We hope all matters will be resolved before the flights’ due date.” the spokesperson hoped.

As ProPakistani reported earlier, SAI is facing a financial crunch and is cutting its fleet.

  • Check again.. SAI are laying off 50% of its staff & returning their leased Aircraft back to Jordanian Air… they already announced the discontinuation of all DUBAI flights from Pakistan Airports. They aren’t facing “CRISIS” its them scaling down the business tactics.

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