PEC Can Now Award International Professional Engineer Certification

Pakistani engineers can now use the title “International Professional Engineer” after the Washington Accord (IPEA) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) reached an agreement.

The Washington Accord granted PEC the authority to accredit its engineers as “International Professional Engineer.” As per the agreement, PEC can now award this title to engineers from all engineering disciplines.

The Washington Accord extended PEC’s authority on June 29, 2018, after both bodies reached an understanding.

Engr. Jawed Salim Qureshi, Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council, had this to say:

It was the most difficult target which I gave to myself and my team. Alhamdulillah, the dream came true because of your prayers. Be united to achieve other bigger targets for Engineers.


Engineering Degrees from Pak Universities Are Now Globally Recognized

International Professional Engineer

By being awarded the title of “International Professional Engineer”, Pakistani engineers can benefit with these incentives:

  • They are now considered equivalent to any other professional engineer globally. PEC states that this kind of international rating system is not present for members belonging to other professions i.e. doctors, IT personnel, etc. Only Pakistani engineers can take advantage of this as of yet.
  • Pakistani engineers can now apply for jobs worldwide.
  • Pakistani companies working abroad can now easily hire Pakistani engineers instead of foreigners, at competitive rates.

PEC also announced that it will make it mandatory for all companies working on CPEC projects to hire 70% Pakistani engineers overall.

  • Great achievement.

    Please do not let universities faculty mafia take over PEC.
    PEC needs to change its administration/staff in Islamabad, not so friendly. My few friends who left Pakistan for jobs overseas had to deal with their staff, not up to standard professional standards of an engineering body.

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