Mobile Users can Donate to Diamer Basha Dam Fund by Simply Sending an SMS

Subscribers of cellular mobile phone companies namely wishing to make donations/contributions to Diamer / Basha dam can donate Rs. 10 simply sending a text message “Dam” to 8000.

User shall type “dam” and send SMS to 8000 and an amount of Rs 10/- will be deducted for Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund and user will receive a message “App Ka Dus Rupey Supreme Court of Pakistan Dam Fund main denay ka Shukria”.

The court held that the amount received by the telecom companies will be transferred on daily basis to the Fund with the State Bank of Pakistan. All four cellular mobile phone companies shall display on their websites, the amounts received by them which shall be transferred to the Fund account on daily basis.

For now, only Jazz is displaying the donations received for the dams fund on its website. According to the company website, “Jazz is pleased to partner with the nation for the Dam Fund collection. To date we have helped collect PKR 100,000”.

The SBP has set up an account titled, “Supreme Court of Pakistan – Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dams – Fund”. The account has been set up to receive donations from the nation for the sole purpose of construction of the aforementioned dams (Diamer Bhasha & Mohmand Dams).

Donations can be made at all branches of the SBP, all treasury offices and branches of National Bank of Pakistan as well as other banks including micro-finance banks.

The SBP will communicate the amounts received in its account to the Registrar of the Supreme Court on hourly basis through its data acquisition portal. Further, the Pakistani Missions as well as all branches of Pakistani banks abroad shall receive donations/contributions.

The SBP has also set up a toll free helpline for answering queries as well as receiving complaints from anyone interested in making a donation. An IBAN number has also been allocated to facilitate receipt of online donations/contributions in the Fund through internet banking and ATMs. Likewise, persons wishing to make donations through credit/debit cards may do so without any extra charge on payments made through such cards if these are issued domestically.

The routing instructions for remittances from abroad shall be displayed on the websites of the court as well as the SBP. The ministry of foreign affairs is directed to issue appropriate directions to the Pakistani Missions abroad in consultation with the State Bank of Pakistan for receiving donations/ contributions and transmission of the amounts received by them to the designated account of the Fund with the State Bank of Pakistan, says the order.

The apex court also stated that the contributions made to the Fund are to be treated as contributions towards charitable purposes and will not be subject to any tax/duty whatsoever.


  • If Supreme court add Tax 5 Rs on every recharge nd also add 1Rs per litter petrol can help to get target money in few weeks

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