Sony Updates RX100 Mark 5 with New Processor and Firmware

Sony has updated their RX100 Mark V camera with a new image processor and firmware tweaks, which boost the camera’s performance and quality as well. Called the RX100M5A, it adopts a lot of features from Sony’s RX100M6 travel zoom.

The new firmware brings the latest Sony menu system, which has been redesigned and now has clearer indicators of various menu options in the settings. Probably the biggest change is the “My Menu” tab that allows the ability to group settings that you regularly change, instead of toggling every single setting every time.


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With the new BIONZ X image processor, the performance gains are obviously expected but the new processor would also offer camera’s EYE AF and better subject tracking.


What’s New

Here’s a list of new and updated features on the RX100M5A:

  • BIONZ X Processor.
  • Firmware update.
  • Updated UI.
  • The buffer can now hold 233 shots instead of 150 for continuous shooting.
  • Proxy Movie mode can capture 720p footage alongside 4K capture.
  • Reduced latency in the EVF and while scrolling through the menus.
  • “My Menu” tab feature.
  • EYE autofocus.
  • An improved fresh rate in the viewfinder.
  • Improved subject tracking.
  • Zone Autofocus area mode.
  • Variable size spot metering.
  • Ability to add ratings to the images.
  • 3 auto white balance options (Ambience, Standard, and White )

Missing Features/Features That Should’ve Been Added

As mentioned earlier, the new RX100M5A adapts a lot of features from the RX100M6 but there are a lot that haven’t been brought to the RX100M5A, which includes:

  • One-touch viewfinder
  • Articulating Touch Screen.
  • Hybrid Log Gamma, ability to capture S-Log3 footage,
  • Compatibility with Sony’s on camera “Play memories” app.
  • All of the VA gains from RX100M6’s firmware.
  • Its rear screen only tilts down to 45- degrees instead of 90- degrees on the RX100M6.

The RX1005A appeared on Sony’s Japanese site last week. It’s the first time that Sony has updated their RX100 line of cameras, rather than replacing it with a newer model. The pricing on the new RX100M5A would be the same, at $999, as it was with the previous model.