Pakistan Oilfields Limited Discovers Oil and Gas in Attock District

Pakistan Oilfields Limited has discovered hydrocarbons from Exploratory Well Khaur North-01 located in district Attock, Punjab.

In the notification sent to the PSX, the company stated that the drilling of Khaur North-01 commenced on Nov 09 2017 and achieved its target depth of 14,586 feet in Amb Formation.

As a result of the Drill Stem Test (DST) conducted at the well to test the potential Ecocene carbonates of shallowest sub-thrust sheet, the well has tested 502 barrels per day of oil, 1.40 MMscf of gas per day and 277 barrels per day of water at 24/64” fixed choke size at the flowing wellhead pressure of 776-1090 psi.

POL has 100 percent working interest in Khaur D&P Lease.

About Pakistan Oilfields

Pakistan Oilfields Limited engages in the exploration, drilling, and production of crude oil and natural gas in Pakistan. The company operates nine development and production leases, such as Pariwali, Meyal, Joyamair, Minwal, Dhulian, Khaur, Pindori, Turkwal, and Balkassar.

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