Oppo Find X Fails in Simple Durability Test [Video]

Oppo Find X received a lot of praise for its innovative way to hide the camera and sensors to achieve its nearly bezel-less design. The cameras and sensors are placed in a motorized section at the top, which pops out every time you open the camera app.

It is usually not recommended to have a moving part or a motorized mechanism on a smartphone because it raises concerns about device’s durability. Oppo Find X is no different, as shown in a video by a famous YouTuber Zack on his channel JerryRigEverything.

He performs his usual durability test and it’s sad to say that the Find X is very delicate and fragile.

Oppo Bendgate?

This wasn’t expected as other phones sporting a bezel-less screen and thin profile with glass both on the front and back have successfully passed the bend test (Vivo Nex S being a recent example).

The Find X was much more fragile than Zack expected, as it bent quite easily. He said that 90% of flagships he tested out can withstand his bend test, but Find X failed miserably.

The metal frame around the device can endure some flexing but glass both on front and back shattered quite easily. He further shows that the motorized section is not very solid as it wiggles a bit and there’s a lot of space for the dust to get in as well.

Other Tests

Zack performed a scratch test where he uses 10 mineral-based picks of different hardness (based on Mohs scale) to see how scratch resistant the glass is on Find X. The device performed well in this test as the scratches started to show with a level 6 pick, which is common for phones that come with Gorilla Glass 5.

In the burn test, Find X reacted the way most AMOLED panels do. Usually, AMOLED panels last between 10 to 15 seconds in this test and Find X’s screen lasted for 14 seconds before the pixels start dying. Keep in mind that LCD panels usually recover from the burns (getting the color back), but AMOLED panels don’t.

So if you’re out in the market to buy a new phone and you want something durable, you might want to skip on Oppo Find X, as it would require much more care than competing flagships.