Find X Review: The Best Looking and Most Expensive OPPO Phone Ever

OPPO’s Find series represents their flagship lineup and hasn’t seen any release in years. The company has not always been on the innovative front these days but they did have a phone with a rotating camera earlier. There’s no doubt that they don’t shy away from innovation.

Meet the Find X, OPPO’s newest experiment to let the people have bezelless displays without a permanent notch on top of the screen eating their display real estate.

Apart from the unique looks, the Find X is first and foremost a flagship but it does come with a heavy price tag in Pakistan. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.


Design and Display

The design is perhaps what makes the Find X stand out from the crowd. It’s definitely a looker and grabs your attention if you see one out in the wild (which will be rare). It comes in two color options Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue. Our review unit has a Glacier Blue color.

The back is black except for the borders and sides of the phone where it’s blue. The glass on the front and the back of phone curves towards the center, giving the Find X a seamless feel in the hand. The curved edges on the front of the phone remind you of the S9+ or really any other curved phone Samsung has put out in the past.

The right side of the phone has the power button whereas the left has the volume rocker. On the bottom, you will find the SIM slot, USB Type C port, and the loudspeaker.

The display on the OPPO Find X is a 6.42-inch panel with a resolution of 1080×2340 (Full HD+). It’s a Super AMOLED panel which means that the blacks are deep and the rest of the colors on the screen on the were quite vibrant, with great viewing angles.

What’s most interesting about the display of the Find X is that it covers most of the front of the phone. You can basically call it an all display phone. The screen-to-body ratio is an excellent 93.8% which puts it above almost all other phones in terms of how much screen they have up front.


Find X being a flagship phone also has top-notch specifications. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset along with 8GB of RAM. Storage options include either 128GB of internal storage or 256GB of internal storage, we have the latter.

So, on paper, the specifications are impressive and the real world performance also lives up to the expectations. Day to day tasks are a breeze on the Find X and it will fly through them such as opening up your dialer, messaging app or any other stock application really. Some relatively more resource intensive tasks like opening up Facebook, Snapchat or any other application doesn’t tax the CPU.

The gaming experience on the Find X was also one of the best I’ve ever had. Not only because of the top-notch specifications and the high frame rate during gameplay but because of the fact that the large screen on the Find X also provides a nicely immersive experience, unlike most other smartphones.

Do note that the speaker on Find X is easy to block based on how you hold your phone so it’s recommended to use earphones.


Find X has 3 cameras, 2 on the rear and 1 on the front. Talking about the rear cameras first, one of them is a 16MP sensor with a f/2.0 aperture. The other one is a 20MP camera also with an aperture of f/2.0. The sensor size is also relatively larger than most other smartphones which should theoretically mean better low light performance.

Accessing the camera is as simple as on any other smartphone, just press the camera icon on the screen and the viewfinder will pop up. However, on the Find X, another thing that pops up is the actual cameras themselves. When not in use the cameras and other sensors are hidden away thanks to the retractable top on the phone.

The camera results from the Find X were good. Image quality in daylight conditions was great with not much in terms of noise. The dynamic range was also not bad in bright conditions, such as being outside in direct sunlight, Find X managed to capture both the shadows and the highlights in a balanced way. The colors were also vibrant and sharp.

Move into low light conditions and Find X holds pretty well, especially in indoor artificial lighting conditions. Move into more darkness and the shutter speed becomes really slow so you will have to hold the camera still for a while after pressing the shutter button.

The front facing camera is a 25MP sensor and it performs more or less the same as the rear cameras. In good lighting conditions, you can get some decent shots out of the camera with enough detail. Even in low light conditions, the Find X actually did a pretty great job of getting the exposure right and taking the best selfie. However, noise does start to creep in when in some extremely dark conditions.

Camera Samples

OPPO Find X Camera Samples!

Face Unlock

The retractable top that we talked about earlier contains the cameras for the phone and also some other sensors that are used for 3D facial recognition, a first on any Android phone (if you don’t count the Mi 8 explorer edition).

Extend the top of the phone and you get to see various sensors that make it possible. There’s a flood illuminator, an infrared camera, ranging sensor, receiver and a dot projector. All of this works in tandem to make a 3D scan of your face which it stores on the device and later on uses it to match your face when you try to unlock the device.

The unlocking procedure is actually really simple. Just press the power button and swipe up to get the top to extend and before it has even retracted, your phone will have unlocked itself.

The accuracy and the speed with which it recognizes your face is impressive and what’s even more impressive is that it works this way in almost all lighting scenarios, even in complete darkness. Not to mention even when you’re wearing sunglasses.


The large size of the Find X meant that it could accommodate a larger battery and that’s exactly what OPPO did. The Find X has a 3,730 mAh unit which is pretty decent. The battery can get you through the day quite easily and if you’re a light user, you can even have almost half of the battery left at day end.

During my testing, I ran benchmarks, took quite a lot of pictures, used social media apps, played games and even then I had around 25-30% of the battery left. That’s around 3.5 hours of screen on time over a time period of 11 hours so you can squeeze an hour or more from the remainder.


OPPO Find X is not like any other phone on the market, it’s a unique device that will catch everyone’s attention in the room. The retracting top on the Find X is no doubt a cool feature and it’s also functional and not actually a gimmick. Moreover, the Find X comes with flagship specifications. The camera is great, performance is smooth, the display is large and gorgeous, the battery lasts gets you through the day easily.

However, with a price tag of Rs. 129,999, it is tough to justify all that and will make some people hesitant to buy the Find X.

  • y not s9+ at the price. Oppo still needs to grab their hold in market as the mentioned price doesn’t justifies it. Op6 is a much better choice in that regard, though both are from same company

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