A New Concept App Can Extend the Battery Life of Your Smarphone

Since the dawn of smartphones, battery life has always been an issue. No company has come up with a breakthrough technology that could solve it, with the only solution being cramming bigger batteries in them.

However, some researchers have come up with an app that can actually increase the battery life of your smartphone.

MultiDroid is an app that promises to extend battery life on Android phones that have OLED screens. What the software does is that it dynamically lowers the brightness in non-critical parts of the screen depending on the user and how they switch and multi-task between apps and how long does the app remain idle.

For example, let’s say you’re using the split-screen functionality with an internet browser and the YouTube app open simultaneously. If you’re watching something on YouTube and not interacting with the browser, then the browser will slowly get darker.

How it Works

It automatically makes dimming profiles when you turn the app on and enables them depending on predicted power consumption. The app tries to keep the power usage below the usual power draw in any situation.

With Multidroid enabled, users saw an increase in battery life of around 10 to 25% per hour.

The app is currently not available on Google Play Store so you cannot download it. In fact, it is not even decided that whether this will be available as an app or a built-in feature.

Furthermore, the app only works on OLED screens, and not the LCD ones. The reason for this is, OLED screens have the ability to shut down or dim individual pixels while LCD panels cannot. It either shuts down completely or fully turns on.

Nevertheless, it is a good sign for smartphone users that companies are now finally close to solving this issue in its entirety.

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