Announces ‘Meaty’ Eid Discounts on Appliances & More is the pioneering e-Commerce website that offers you everything from mobile phones, tablets and LEDs to acoustic guitars, rice cookers and high-end sound systems. With Bari Eid just around the corner, when a lot of you are already in the midst of preparing for Eid Ul Azha in full swing, Homeshopping is just the place for you to make quick purchases.

In order to celebrate this bigger of the two Eid festivals with the customers, Homeshopping has decided to celebrate nearly the whole month of discounts. The festivities started from the 14th of August when patriots all around Pakistan commemorate and treasure the formation of Pakistan.

To make this a more joyous event, Homeshopping thought of combining the Independence day celebrations with the upcoming Eid. With this idea emerged “Azadi Month” (14 – 25 August) where it is offering up to 71% off on a wide range of products, including laptops, smart watches, home appliances and, its most popular product category, music instruments.

Win Over Your Guests’ Hearts – Bari Eid Special Items

Bari Eids are incomplete without a barbecue. Barbecue kits, outdoor grills, smokeless indoor cooking grills, knife sharpeners, and such similar items are at the core of this eid. To add a sweetener to your Eid, Homeshopping has created a Special Discount category specifically for this Eid. Some of the best deals can be found in this category, so you get to spend less time in the kitchen and more with your family members or catching up with some old friends.

Feel at Home – Lowest Prices on Home Appliances

Homeshopping is offering the lowest prices on Home appliances, given that items like Refrigerators and Deep freezers are essential to this Eid. When sacrificing animals and trying new dishes, home appliances like meat choppers, blenders and dicers provide convenience and contribute towards saving time. During this time discounted deals on Home Appliances pop everywhere, so decided to make lives easier for the people across the country.

Hit Your Favourite Notes – Special Offers on Music Instruments

Music instruments including guitars and violins, keyboards and synths, harmoniums and harps, and traditional saxophone and trombone, are the most popular amongst Homeshopping customers. So of course, these could not be left off the table. Within one hour of the start of the campaign, the highest sold products were under the category of music instruments.

Stay Connected – Highest Discounts on Cell Phones

While everything else is essential to this Eid, everybody loves a good deal on mobile phones no matter what time of the year it is. Homeshopping has gathered some of the top cell phone brands for the ‘Azaadi Month’ campaign and has slashed prices on Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and other brands.

With these deals, wanted to take each customer back to the simpler concept of celebrating Bari Eid, when this time was not only about who has the best or the highest priced animal, but the essence was spreading joy, preparing delicious meaty meals, and sharing the happiness of this occasion with friends and family. Essentially, these deals communicate the message of saving up, spending lesser money on things, and giving more to those in need instead.

To view the discounts, visit Eid-Ul-Azha Essentials or Azadi Deals.