Soneri Bank Concludes its Heart Touching Independence Day Campaign #RoshanHarQadam #LetsEnlighten

Freedom and independence are things which are cherished by people all around the world. Like any other nation, Pakistan also celebrates its Independence Day with zeal and fervor.

In the last couple of years, the effects of these celebrations can also been seen in the digital space; e-commerce stores offering discounts, various Independence Day sales going live on 14th August and so on.

Each brand, remaining true to their public image, celebrated the Independence Day in their own unique way. However, Soneri Bank was one of the very few brands which emphasized on adding a perspective of compassion as part of their independence celebrations with #LetsEnlighten campaign

Soneri Bank’s Independence Day Campaign

There is no denying that illiteracy is a part of Pakistan and has held the nation back from progressing swiftly. The campaign launched by Soneri Bank is not only a drive towards raising awareness but also making significant impact in that regard.

To contribute towards a prosperous Pakistan, the goal of the #LetsEnlighten campaign was to teach people how to do their signature who doesn’t know it.

From filling the CNIC form to a Nikah Nama — a signature plays a crucial role. This campaign helped to give an identity to those who were earlier relied on their thumb prints for opening the bank account.

The importance of this campaign is closely knitted with the fact that close to 1 billion people around the globe are subjected to illiteracy and can’t read or write. More specifically, Pakistan’s literacy rate has gone down to 58%, which Soneri Bank aimed to improve.

Additionally, a recent poll conducted on social media showed that 54% of the people agree that their domestic helpers cannot read or write their names. This is why #LetsEnlighten campaign became especially important.

The campaign not only helped numerous people but also helped in raising awareness amongst the citizens of Pakistan.

Social media, which plays an integral role in our lives, backed and appreciated the efforts of Soneri Bank to bring about a positive change in the community. The awareness also motivated numerous people, who took things in their own hands and wanted to play a part in the #LetsEnlighten campaign.
Here are a few of the most heartwarming examples:

These examples are a direct compliment to the efforts of Soneri Bank to raise awareness about the matter.

People, who weren’t even talking about the matter, actually went out of their way to become a part of the campaign which will surely be a stepping stone towards a better and a brighter Pakistan. Our Roshan Pakistan!