3rd Connected Pakistan Conference to Take Place in Islamabad Next Week

Pakistan is said to have a predominantly youthful population. We all hear every now and then that the youth will be a catalyst for change in this country full of problems but nobody has shown the real path or identified a crystal clear plan.

There’s a glimmer of hope for the youth, thanks to Connected Pakistan.

You might have all have heard the name of this emerging company.

Connected Pakistan is Pakistan’s 1st IT based Social Enterprise. They have won the Best Freelancing Award by KP Govt. Not limited to this, it is also the World’s 1st Pakistani company to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr in their own respective field of IT. But these achievements are not the reason the company is a role model.

The company is well renowned for its social causes. Structurally, divided into two distinct wings of Connected and Pakistan wings. The Connected wing focuses on commercial avenues and a list of their achievements have already been mentioned. The other one, called Pakistan Wing, is responsible for social cause operations.

This company with their own limited finances have identified 10 key areas of working and is committed to create a deep and long lasting impact of creating change.

They call them their 10 E’s. Namely Education, Employment, Empowerment of Women & Gender Equality, Enlightened, Moderate & Liberal Society, Engagement of Senior Citizens, Eradication of Drugs, Energy Conservation, Environment, Expectancy of Life and last but not the least Exploring Pakistan.

Their list of social activities and their impact can be traced on www.facebook.com/ConnectedPakistan

CEO & Founder of Connected Pakistan, Syed Arsalan Ali Shah emphasized that:

Connected Pakistan is not an ordinary enterprise it is a revolution, a revolution which has an ideology. Our enterprise is the modern form of social enterprise which has set a new trend and standard of sustainable social impact on a national scale. With a very modest start, here we stand as the fastest growing and emerging social enterprise of Pakistan. I am proud of my team who has supported me in my cause and has worked restlessly and selflessly for this noble cause.

On the same occasion Executive Director, Anum Zulfiqar stressed that:

Connected Pakistan has a very clear line of action. Our business objective is not profit but purpose – the purpose of creating empowered Pakistan. Being the first women top rated freelancer of Pakistan and winner of best freelancing award by KP Government I clearly understand this purpose cannot be achieved without the active participation of women. Our unique initiative of She Can – A Women Empowerment Program has proved vital for this cause. The way this initiative has addressed women empowerment without compromising ‘the Chaddar & Chardeewari’ for women is remarkable. Taking this opportunity, I affirm a stronger commitment to this cause in the future.

Adding further to this, the company is holding another Connected Pakistan Conference.

This conference changed the trends of events in the IT sector of the country. Originally, this conference was planned for birthday celebrations of the company but no one knew at that time when the 1st Conference of this series was held in 2016 in Abbottabad that it will create a wave empowering Pakistan’s future. The slogan of the conference well justified.

The 2nd series of this conference was held again in Abbottabad at Comsats University in 2017. This event established the brand and the success of this event took the Conference to a whole new level. Being recognized on a Government level as well as on an international level, more than 4500 participants attended this event which itself speaks of its success.

Most importantly, under the same banner, the 3rd Connected Pakistan Conference 2018 will be held in Jinnah Convention Hall, Islamabad on 8th and 9th of September 2018. Here’s what happens at the event:

In this two day event, there will be training sessions, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, motivational speeches, stand up comedy presentations, Digital Freelancing Awards, Social App Awards and much much more. All with great zeal and passion.

So here we present why all professionals must attend this event.

  1. One of the most successful series of conferences across Pakistan

Connected Pakistan Conference is regarded as one of the most successful and leading names in events relevant to IT industry. In fact, CPC has the honour of setting new standards in the arena of Conferences and events. The success of this brand can well be evaluated by the fact that on 8th & 9th September it will be the 3rd event under the banner, with every new event being bigger and better than ever.

  1. Absolutely free

All the trainings, workshops, seminars, motivational sessions, panel discussions and exhibitions are absolutely free. You will not be charged for the trainings and attendance but in return, there is free food for all participants and they also get a certificate of participation. In their last event, they also gave free motorbikes through transparent balloting.

  1. Simultaneous Workshops/seminars/trainings & motivational session

You might have attended conferences and seminars where it seems quite evident that events lose their direction without knowing why everything happens purposelessly. But here in Connected Pakistan Conference, this is absolutely not the case, there is a distinct sense of purpose. You can get yourself registered in workshops/seminars/training sessions as well as in motivational sessions by our big Pakistani successful icons

See the full agenda here https://web.facebook.com/events/639066313096886

  1. Digital Awards

This conference prioritizes recognizing achievers who have made Pakistan proud. This conference will be offering Digital Awards to all those who have left their mark in their respective fields. So if you think your hard work or high achievement has gone unnoticed so this is your final call.

  1. Social Apps Awards

Connected Pakistan is a social enterprise. They generate their revenue from Connected Wing and spend on social causes in their Pakistan Wing.

They have identified 10 important sectors in this regard, calling them 10 E’s which include Education, Employment, Empowerment of Women & Gender Equality, Energy Conservations, Environment Protections, Enlightened, Moderate & Liberal Society, Engagement of Senior Citizens, Eradication of Drugs, Expectancy of Life and Exploring Pakistan.

If you made an app relevant to any of these categories then you can apply for Social App Award and take your app to the next level of success and recognition.

  1. All IT and non IT experts under one roof for two consecutive days

It is a busy world. If you wish to catch up with your mentor or your ideal personality it requires great time and devotion but this conference has solves this problem too. Now you can meet, greet and above all learn face to face from your mentors. There are more than 60 speakers ranging from Federal Minister of Finance Mr. Asad Umer to stand up comedian Zaidan Khan. They all will be exclusively there for you.

  1. Not profit but purpose – a social purpose

Normally, conferences and events are organized by keeping a profitable purpose in their mind. Sometimes this aim takes the direction of a conference here and there but this is absolutely not the case with Connected Pakistan Conference. Being a social enterprise instead of profit, their purpose and aim are to empower Pakistan’s future. So a bunch of opportunities will be explored which you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Musical Concert/ stand up comedian show

It is not limited to learning only it is about fun too. Organizers of this conference paid great attention to the line up of training focused sessions. The entertainment factor should not be ignored. See the list of speakers (above) where you can find a wide variety of speakers and guests who will train you and entertain you. So expect loads and loads of infotainment.

  1. Special events drafted for Women Entrepreneurs

Pakistani women have great potential to excel but unfortunately, not many opportunities are given to them. This statement is history now. Connected Pakistan itself is a women-led organization where the Executive Director has won the Best Freelancer Award by KP Govt.

Not only this she is also the 1st Female Pakistani top rated seller. She, along with her team of female professionals and other high achieving women, will be there to guide aspiring women who have a passion to excel.

  1. Walk away with expensive gifts and prizes

In every Connected Pakistan Conference, there are always big gifts and surprises for all attendees. In their last event, they gave away motorbikes. For their current event, find out what they have to give away this time yourself.

  1. With all the great milestones being achieved at 3rd Connected Pakistan Conference 2018 – Islamabad, there’s one more that deserves attention. Connected Pakistan always gives importance to acts of kindness. With their E of Expectancy of Life, during the conference, there will be a blood donation camp organized by R-Fusion Blood Donor Hotline.

So if you are from anywhere in Pakistan and can make it to Islamabad on 8th & 9th September 2018 then Connected Pakistan Conference 2018 is the perfect place for you to be.

Get yourself registered online as there are limited seats available and a first come first served rule will apply.

Don’t forget these important details:

Event Date: 8th & 9th September 2018
Venue: Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad
Timings: from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm