Over 100 Passengers Mysteriously Fall Sick on Emirates Flight from Dubai

Emirates Flight 203, carrying 521 passengers from Dubai to New York, landed at John F. Kennedy Airport with a 100 people feeling ill during the flight; passengers and crew reportedly suffered from fever and cough, as per Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statement.

The sick passengers were evaluated by the CDC health officials as the Airbus A380 – the largest commercial aircraft – was taken to the far side of the terminal and quarantined. Those who were sick were taken to the nearby hospitals as a row of ambulances were present at the airport to receive the ill.

Via USA Today

Emirates stated customers’ safety as their foremost priority.

On arrival, as a precaution, they were attended to by local health authorities. All others will disembark shortly. The safety & care of our customers is our first priority.

New York City Fire Department reported that a few sick passengers were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for the checkup; no major health issue was detected.

Those passengers who did not suffer from any illness were allowed to leave the airport and carry on with their plans.

White House spokesperson told the media that President Trump has been updated with the situation.

Out of the 100 who reported feeling sick, 19 were deemed sick by the local authorities and 10 were taken to the hospitals, whereas 9 refused to seek medical help.

Images Source: Sky News

Via USA Today

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