FIDO Will Now Test & Standardize All Smartphone Fingerprint & Face Scanners

Biometric security in smart devices, including smartphones, laptops, and other computers is getting new industry-wide safety standards that will verify whether it performs up to the mark.

Signing into a device using a biometric sensor, more commonly known as a fingerprint reader, has become the new default and most recent devices have some sort of sensors that are meant to make it quicker and safer for users to keep their data and devices private.


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However, these sensors have their own fair share of problems. There has never been any standard that defines what exactly means “safe” in the world of fingerprint readers and facial recognition features that are present in most smartphones manufactured in recent history.

FIDO Alliance’s Security Test

That’s where FIDO comes in – this organisation has come up with a first-of-its-kind Biometric Component Certification Program that measures the safety and practicability of a biometric security device so as to help its consumers know whether its safe enough to ensure privacy. Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance’s executive director said,

With biometrics being a popular option for mobile and web applications implementing FIDO Authentication, there is a growing need for those service providers to appropriately assess the risk of fraud from lost or stolen devices.

The test takes a device through a number of different lab evaluations before assigning it a rank. This will help compare different sensors and sign-in methods available in the industry.


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Additionally, it will also make it easier for vendors to show their consumers just how safe their sign-in solution is, without having to do any extensive marketing.

This will save time, money, and also will also bind manufacturers to keep their device’s safety up to the mark. You can check out FIDO Alliance’s webpage for yourself here.