Samsung to Launch Limited Quantity of Foldable Phones

The anticipation regarding Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone release couldn’t be higher, though, now a nasty surprise is apparently waiting for us in tow.

A new report from Patently Apple confirms that Samsung has changed its component supplier, more-specifically that of the polyimide transparent plastic film that is used in the display, from one which specializes in mass production to one which “could meet small supply orders.”

However, if the initial run of phones is successful, Samsung might eventually produce the phone in large numbers. As a result, the so-called Galaxy F is now looking set to be a limited edition device, with limited availability in most regions.

High Price

The phone’s limited availability also puts a question mark on its price. Sources have claimed the Galaxy F will be priced at $2000, which is now looking a real possibility for a device which will be produced in extremely low quantities.

The polyimide transparent plastic film is used in bonding the flexible display, and as a result is one of the most crucial aspects of the phone. While unclear, Samsung may have been unsatisfied with the output produced by Kolon Industries, its mass-producing partner, causing it to partner with Sumitomo Chemical instead.


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Of course, there can be several reasons for producing smaller supplies, including practical ones for a phone experimental in nature.

Still, the Korean company risks being conspiracy theorists’ fodder, with the limited run being considered another ploy to boost the price tag. In any case, the first foldable phone from Samsung will be a sight to behold as the company is known for producing high quality displays for a number of smartphone makers, including Apple.

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