LG Officially Confirms Plans for a Foldable Phone

With Samsung’s foldable phone project, or the Galaxy X, apparently going forward in full speed, LG is becoming the latest company to confirm plans for its own such phone.

In an interview given to Korean media, the company’s mobile division CEO Hwang Jeong-hwan has revealed that such a phone is under development, with close co-operation with some external parties.

This is the first time LG has formally unveiled such plans so we don’t have much to say about their upcoming phone. Mr. Jeong-hwan didn’t seem to indicate that a launch is near, indicating that the company prefers to have a product that stands out, rather than focusing on being the first to market.


At the start of this year, we got a patent filing from LG which showed two new foldable devices: the first was a phone which opens up to show a much larger display on the inside (quite ordinary, in context of the technology), while the second shows a slightly smaller display on the second half, presumably for displaying notifications.

LG is, of course, not new to ambitious phones. As you may recall, a few years back the company rolled out a series of G Flex phones, which had a curved display and a self-healing back. The series may not have earned much attention, though, it showed LG’s ambition in full glory.

Samsung and Lenovo

While Samsung’s efforts may have earned the most attention, companies left and right are all either developing their own foldable phones or at least showing interest in making one.

A recent leak on Twitter showed Lenovo’s own foldable phone in apparent action, which earned quite a bit of traction. Xiaomi is also working on its own foldable phone, due sometime in 2019.

Microsoft itself recently patented a device which looks like a foldable phone/tablet, even if we’ve heard considerably little from it. Whatever the case, the segment seems sure to be among the most exciting out there.

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