NHA Generates Rs 93 Million From Auction of 90 Vehicles

National Highway Authority (NHA) has generated around Rs 93.3 million from auction of 90 vehicles, as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive.

On the directive of State Minister for Communications Murad Saeed, NHA has auctioned 90 vehicles amounting to more than Rs 93.3 million, said a spokesperson of NHA.

In the latest auction held in Abbottabad on Friday, 9 vehicles were auctioned which generated over Rs 10.13 million.

A five member committee comprising, Director Establishment headquarter Muhammad Shakeel, General Manager Regional office Jahangir Ahmed, deputy director administration Naseem Ahmed, Deputy director Accounts Zulfiqar Abbassi and deputy director internal audit Johar Iqbal auctioned the vehicles.

The vehicles included a Toyota Prado (No. QAN-3322 model 2006) sold for Rs 3.25 million, a Mitsubishi Pajero (No. DNU-70 model 1995) sold for Rs 435000, Suzuki Cultus (No. ELRP-3314 model 2006) sold for Rs 385000, a Toyota double door (No. KN-6615 model 1995) sold for Rs 1.05 million, a Suzuki Potohar Jeep (No A-8207) sold for Rs 425000. Suzuki Cultus (No B-4557 model 2005) sold for Rs 400,000, a Toyota (No. GLTB 7 model 2006) sold for Rs 3.55 million, another Toyota (No. KN-2016 model 2005) sold for Rs 805,000 and a Toyota Vigo (No. KN-1509 model 2005) sold for Rs 1.11 million.

Earlier a total of 76 vehicles were presented for auction at NHA Headquarter where 66 vehicles were auctioned and generated Rs 62.39 million. Eight vehicles were not sold due to non-participation of bidders. The paper of one car was not cleared and was not sold, while the bidder of one car withdrew the bids and returned the car.

In NHA’s office Peshawar, 15 vehicles were auctioned for Rs 20.3 million.

NHA is bringing 219 vehicles to the auction which include 42 luxury vehicles. As per details NHA vehicles were auctioned in its Abbottabad office on October 19, while another auction will be held in its Lahore office on October 22, Multan office on October 24, Sukkur office on October 26, Karachi office on October 29, Quetta office on October 31 and Gilgit office on November 05, 2018.