PIXII Goes Retro with Its Newest Point and Shoot Camera

For the photography buffs among the audience who want their shooting experience to be a little bit more old school (read: barebones), here’s something for you.

PIXII (also the name of the company) A1112 is a radical new camera which works in tandem with your Smartphone to display images. Yep, there really is no display here or even a memory card slot.


It connects with your phone using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The rangefinder design is inspired by Leica cameras of old. The only display on the PIXII is at the top, alongside the dial showing you the battery and other settings.

The camera supports the M-mount series lenses, making it compatible with available options from Leica (they tend to be on the expensive side, however, adapters will be available for further options).

There’s also an optical viewfinder, obviously, at the back for some feedback. Storage will come in-built, with either 8 or 32 GB out-of-the-box. There’s a CMOS sensor of unknown build, here.

ISO range between 100 and 6400 is supported, while there’s a global electronic shutter, too. It also shoots in RAW format and has support for 12-bit sampling.

Battery and Build

On the outside, the design is made of anodized aluminum, weighing 460 grams, and is available in silver, gray, matte black lacquer, or limited titanium carbon edition. Battery capacity is set at 1000 mAh, though, we don’t know how many shots it can take. Charging is done via USB.

Pricing details are not known as of now, though, it’ll cost less than a competing Leica camera (apparently). That literally doesn’t tell you anything of value. Availability is also yet to be announced.