Mentor Idea Review Session Concludes At NIC Peshawar

Sometimes you underestimate where and how a good idea can come from that can transform into a viable business model. There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan, unfortunately there are not enough platforms or opportunities which can showcase that hidden talent and bring it to fruition.

National Incubation Center Peshawar, being a first of its kind technology hub, was launched under the public – private partnership of Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ignite Fund, LMKT and PTCL.

PTCL, being a partner with NIC Peshawar, recently participated as a panelist to judge the Mentor Idea Review session, where innovative Startups and Founders from KPK presented their business ideas.

The session started with a panel discussion moderated by Murtaza Zaidi, Director NIC Peshawar. The panelists included Atif Rais Khan, Founder and CEO, LMKT, Jahanzeb Khan, CEO LMKR Pakistan, Ayub Zakori, MD, Zakori Group, Moqeem ul Haque, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL, Syed Shahzad Shah, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communication, PTCL and Fariha Tahir Shah, GM Corporate Communication, PTCL.

The panel discussion explored the potential business ideas and how they can strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country.

The interactive session covered presentations on idea viability to market sustainability, real customer problems to their solutions, success or failure of the business, business revenue models, business name impact & memorability and leadership qualities.

The goal for this special session was to review the ideas and analyze the business models of all Founders and Startups. The judges panel was paired with other mentors who listened to a series of Founders pitches.

The business ideas presented during the Mentor Idea Review session varied from providing easy access of online tutors for students to development of latest devices for agriculture industry, experiencing virtual tourist spots to introducing educational games, amongst others.

Keeping in mind the environmental challenges and rising fuel prices, one solution that stood out prominently was ‘Azadi E Bike’, which is an electric bike that operates on a battery. Not only does it help minimize noise and environmental pollution, but it also very affordable. A single one-hour charge can last up to a 100kms and reach to a speed of 80kmph.

Usually medical equipment and facilities are out of reach for ordinary citizens. Another idea that caught the attention of the judges was developing a multi remote control based wheelchair by using Wi-Fi to help the paralyzed patients in moving around.

NIC Peshawar was able to bring all these innovators together on one platform to present their valuable ideas for creating a culture of entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

We wish great success to all the Founders and encourage more startups to come forward with their ideas. There is an enormous untapped talent that can become a major driver in boosting Pakistan’s economy with the right guidance, platform and mentorship.