PSO: Fueling Journeys for the Whole Nation Across Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with many natural and historical wonders yet our tourism and travel industry has always been in decline. However, things have turned around lately and confidence in the exploration of Pakistan has been restored thanks to flagship brands like PSO and adventures like Guliafshan Tariq.

Now we can travel to Pakistan’s undiscovered gems knowing that there is a PSO fueling station around every corner always pushing us to go beyond and extend our journey. And as for inspiration, we have Guliafshan to look at. Guliafshan, a software engineer hailing from Sargodha, embarked on a journey to cross Punjab and travel through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on her trusty motorbike.

Traveling through regions such as Shangla, Swat, Mansehra, Gilgit Baltistan, Chitral, Malakand, Upper, and Lower Dir was not an easy task by any means. If that wasn’t enough, Ms. Tariq had to overcome cultural and social barriers in her bid to break gender stereotypes in her community.

But she didn’t stop there. Guliafshan decided to travel across on Punjab on her motorbike with PSO fueling and sponsoring her journey. Her journey unravels like a thrilling adventure as she discovers the cultural, natural and historical gems of Punjab in a whole new way with PSO as her travel companion. Check out the video and see how epic her journey had been.

PSO: Fueling Journeys for the whole nation

At the heart of this epic adventure is the nation’s flagship brand PSO. Being Pakistan’s most iconic and beloved brand, PSO has become a very integral part of our lives because no matter which journey we take, they all begin from PSO. This is what inspires confidence in the heart of anyone that has the will to explore Pakistan.

No matter where they travel – PSO will be there to fuel their vehicles and help them march forward. This is indeed a positive move by PSO which reflects on company’s progressive and forward-thinking mindset. And with PSO’s wide range of products available throughout the country, it becomes much easier for the adventurers to pick up their keys and take a step into the wild.

Here’s to hoping this is a start of something ground-breaking.