Sindh Govt Suspends Registration of City School and Beaconhouse

The government of Sindh has suspended the registration of two elite schooling systems in Karachi under the directives of the court.

Provincial Education Department canceled the registration of The City School and the Beaconhouse School System for seven days after the schools failed to comply with the courts’ orders in high-profile private schools fees case.

The Directorate of Private Schools, which functions under the Education Department, had reportedly sent five letters to the management of said schools, directing them to obey the court’s orders.

The private schools reportedly ignored all the intimations prompting the ministry to revoke their registrations.

A statement from the education ministry said that the suspension is temporary and will be reverted if the school management complies with court orders.

However, if no action is taken in seven days, the department will seal all the branches of both schools across the metropolitan in the presence of Judicial Magistrate, the notification stated.