Follow 3D Lifestyle’s #FitnessWithAadi & Get a Rs. 18000 Discount on Fat Loss Treatment

Pakistan’s largest aesthetic treatment brand, 3D Lifestyle, recently teamed up with famed actor and comedian, Aadi Adeal Amjad, to launch the #FitnessWithAadi on his request.

Aadi Adeal Amjad spearheaded the campaign as a test for 3D Lifestyle’s quality of treatment across centers nationwide, his second aim being to share 3D Lifestyle’s innovative non-invasive fat-loss treatment with his friends, family and fans.


Aadi had been personally struggling with his weight for a while. He had tried various diets and exercises to no avail, either he was not able to stick to them or they did not deliver the kind of results he was expecting. Fed up with the traditional methods Aadi considered surgical methods like liposuction for drastic weight loss, however, upon learning the various complications and side effects of such treatments he chose not to get the surgery done.

In the video below, he recounts his emotional experience of living life as a plus sized individual and the challenges that come with such a lifestyle.

A Solution Arrived on the Rumor Mill

Aadi learned of 3D Lifestyle through some of his friends who had undergone the treatment, initially he did not believe there could be any non-invasive treatment that could deliver promising results and did not explore the matter further.

Purely by accident he came across the Facebook page for 3D Lifestyle and learned how the technology worked through various videos on Facebook. Tthis piqued his interested enough to reach out and book a consultation.

The Treatment That Changed His Life

Aadi was recommended the 3D Cavitation treatment by the professional aesthetician he had his consultation with at the 3D Lifestyle Karachi treatment center. He learned that 3D Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves to break apart fat cells beneath the skin without harming skin.

The thing that struck Aadi most was the claim made by the Aesthetic consultant who informed him that he could lose 1-2 inches off his waist in just one treatment. Overcome with curiosity he booked his treatment session and underwent the 45-minute procedure, the results were nothing short of astonishing for Aadi.

Aadi found it hard to explain his unbelievable transformation to friends.

Aadi experienced a dramatic change in his physique, losing almost 7 inches off his waist in 5 cavitation treatments over the space of a month. He found it hard to explain the treatment to his friends, most of whom believed he had gotten some kind of surgery. Fed up with constantly trying to explain the concept of non-invasive treatments he reached out to the CEO of 3D Lifestyle Mr. Jawwad Qureshi to share his dilemma.

Meeting with the CEO of 3D Lifestyle

Mr. Jawad Qureshi the CEO of 3D Lifestyle offered to give exclusive discounts to Aadi’s family, friends and fans to invite them to experience the treatment for themselves to make it easier for Aadi to explain to people what kind of treatment he had gotten.

Mr. Jawad shared his thoughts with Aadi saying that he believed the best way for someone to understand the treatment is to experience it themselves. The offer, he hoped, would encourage people to choose to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. This incidentally is the core mission of the 3D Lifestyle brand, clearly expressed in their tagline “Be a younger, slimmer you”.

Aadi’s Challenge to the 3D Brand

Although wowed by the generous offer, Aadi however was skeptical if 3D Lifestyle was providing the same standard of treatments in all 35 of their centers nationwide.

Aadi shared his skepticism with Mr. Jawad Qureshi who asked Aadi to visit centers nationwide at his discretion to see for himself.

Aadi vowed to randomly visit 3D Lifestyle centers to test the uniformity of treatment standards throughout centers, nationwide.

#FitnessWithAadi Begins

Aadi Adeal Amjad has now geared up to visit various 3D Lifestyle centers nationwide in November with the hopes of sharing this revolutionary fat-loss treatment with his friends, family and fans as well as putting to test the claims of the 3D Lifestyle brand and their treatment standards nationwide. His journey will be shared on social media on the official 3D Lifestyle page with the Hashtag #FitnessWithAadi.

Here is where you come in!

Follow the Hashtag on social media and check out the #FitnessWithAadi campaign, as Aadi will be giving Rs. 18000 off on their first treatment within the prescribed package.