NIC Islamabad Graduates Its Second Cohort of Startups

The National Incubation Center – a public-private partnership of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom (MOITT), Ignite (formerly National ICT R & D Fund), Jazz and Team up – graduated its second cohort of 15 innovative tech entrepreneurs in Islamabad.

After 12 months of challenging sessions at the technology hub, founders of these startups are ready to showcase their award-winning businesses with an aim to make a difference.

Only 26 out of the 600+ startups were inducted into the program to undergo an intense training program and one-to-one mentorship sessions with industry experts and thought leaders.


Six out of the 15 graduating startups – Mauqa Online, Easy Insurance, Fabricare, Integry, Content Studio and Rasai – received High Achiever Awards at the ceremony. Awards to these startups were distributed based on the significant number of investment and revenues raised during their time at the NIC.

The occasion was graced by Special Assistant to the PM on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfikar Bukhari, who were given a tour of the NIC facility, which was then followed by keynote presentations by Jazz’s CEO Aamir Ibrahim, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy Salman Malik, Head of Digital Channels and Partnerships Mian Talha Nasruddin; Muddassar Hussain Member Telecom Ministry of IT and Telecom; Co-Founder & Partner of Teamup Zouhair Khaliq and Project Director of NIC Parvez Abbasi and an awards distribution ceremony.

Being the leading digital company, we aspire to empower societies by developing a robust startup eco-system and bridging the digital divide through our extensive data network and innovative solutions, said Aamir Ibrahim, while addressing the graduating startups in his speech.

Jazz xlr8 and the NIC are laying the foundation for a sustainable technology ecosystem. By working closely with these startups, we aim to radically innovate diverse fields by leveraging the power of digital technologies.

Zouhair Khaliq remarked:

We are very proud of our startups, who, we have seen grow exponentially over this time. They have shown the willingness to take risks, have pivoted and signed off their first clients – their progress at the NIC proves that this program is much needed.


What these wonderfully talented young people are doing is creating the future of Pakistan.We wish them good fortune and continued success as they now step out in to the world. Know that we will always be behind you and supporting you as you make the future!

Lauding their entrepreneurial efforts, Parvez Abbasi commented:

It’s exciting to see how these startups have progressed over time with all the efforts pulled in by our team of mentors. Working with these startups not only sets a challenge for us but it is also important to understand the lessons that we have learned in this journey altogether and that’s the measure of our success.

While complimenting Jazz and Teamup efforts in scaling their businesses, Co –Founder, Easy Insurance, Maliha Javed Khan commented:

Our experience with the NIC team has helped us improve our business, draw a clear roadmap and define a strong vision. We were connected with industry experts and received massive support from giants like Jazz and are thankful to them for helping us out.

The startups at NIC have been able to raise over USD 2 million in funding showcasing how the NIC is already on its way to promoting a successful entrepreneurial eco system by partnering with giants in the corporate sector – both locally and internationally.

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