FBR Seizes Al-Haj FAW’s Bank Accounts Over Tax Default

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has frozen the bank accounts of Al-Haj FAW Motors after the company defaulted on its sales tax payment.

FBR’s Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU) in Karachi, on Friday, froze the bank accounts of the company stating that they have not received the sales tax for the last two months.

As per sales tax laws, every registered entity is required to make sales tax payment and file returns on a monthly basis.

Sources privy to the matter suggest that the automaker has neither paid sales tax amounting Rs. 239 million nor has the company submitted its returns for the last two months.


Al-Haj FAW Increases Car Prices by Rs. 85,000

The non-payment for Al-Haj Faw Motors deems strange because the company rose prices of the vehicles just last month.

Here is the list of products from Al-Haj FAW which have been subjected to the price hike:

VehicleOld PricesNew PricesDifference
FAW Carrier Deck-lessPKR 849,000PKR 919,000PKR 70,000
FAW Carrier FlatbedPKR 859,000PKR 929,000PKR 70,000
FAW Carrier StandardPKR 869,000PKR 939,000PKR 70,000
FAW X-PV StandardPKR 974,000PKR 1,034,000PKR 60,000
FAW X-PV Dual A/CPKR 1,024,000PKR 1,094,000PKR 70,000
FAW X-PV PE (Power Edition)N/APKR 1,119,000N/A
FAW V2PKR 1,204,000PKR 1,289,000PKR 85,000


The company says that the revised prices were effective from 1st November 2018.