Rock Shield and Sehat Spread Awareness About Smog in Lahore

Rock Shield, a texture coating company, and, Pakistan’s Leading Online Pharmacy (A project of the Fazal Din Family) have partnered together to spread awareness about the ongoing poor air quality in Lahore, and the best practices one can take to remain safe and healthy in the murky season.


Rock Shield was provided with specialized Dust Respirator Masks from Sehat, which were then handed over to their workers who have to deal with the nuisance of laboring in extremely suffocating outdoor conditions. Sehat Marketing Director Bilal Mumtaz, in the video, talks about the following topics:

  • The components of the smog
    • Ground Level Ozone
    • Particle Pollution
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Nitrogen Dioxide
    • Sulfur Dioxide
  • The increasingly bad air quality of Lahore
  • The way to wear a Dust Respirator Mask

What people normally wear to breathe properly during the smog are 2 ply or 3 ply surgical masks. Though these masks are effective in the prevention of germs and bacteria from the surrounding area to the body, they are not effective in filtering out dust, smoke, or other hazardous particles from the vicinity for one’s respiratory activity.

You can purchase your Dust Respirator Mask for home delivery from this link: 

Sehat and Rock Shield’s activity is a great initiative relevant to residents of Lahore and other cities of Pakistan who have to deal with increasingly bad air quality during this time of the year when the rice crop is burned by a plethora of farmers in different parts of the country.

The aforementioned components of the smog determine, in a nutshell, what is known as the “Air Quality Index” (AQI for short). What AQI measures are the nanograms of particulate matter per cubic meter of space.


To give you a perspective about how bad Lahore’s Air Quality is, have a look at this chart provided by AirVisuals, a company that sells Air Quality Monitors.

The breakup of air quality is divided into the following echelons (based on AQI):

  • 0-50: Good (Little or No Risk)
  • 51-100: Moderate (Sensitive individuals should avoid the outdoors)
  • 101-150: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (Such groups are at risk to experience irritation and respiratory problems)
  • 151-200: Unhealthy (Increased likelihood of aggravation to the heart and lungs of sensitive individuals)
  • 201-300: Very Unhealthy (General public will be affected noticeably. Sensitive individuals will experience reduced endurance)
  • 301-500: Hazardous (General public and sensitive individuals are at high risk to experience strong irritations leading to other illnesses)

Hence, Rock Shield and Sehat would like to thank ProPakistani for covering this story and hope that others follow suit in taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves healthy and illness free with the bad air quality abound.


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