Illegal Phones Seized or Presented to Customs by Dec 31 Will Not be Fined

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced that mobile devices (with SIM or IMEI functionality) brought into Pakistan and seized or voluntarily presented to Customs authorities by December 31 2018, shall be allowed release on payment of applicable duty and taxes without the imposition of any fine.

The FBR has issued SRO 1455(1)/2018 and SRO 1456(1)/2018 for the legalization of smuggled and illegal mobile phones without payment of any fine.


PTA Reveals More Details About Using Imported Phones in Pakistan

The FBR has directed customs that for the adjudication of cases falling under Notification#SRO1455, dated the 29th November 2018, the Additional Collector of Customs, Model Customs Collectorates and Deputy Collector and Assistant Collector of Customs, Model Customs Collectorates have been empowered to adjudicate the said cases of mobile phones under powers specified in SRO 1456(1)/2018, sources added.

It must be pointed out that from December 1st, PTA’s DIRBS system has stopped registering unregistered imported or smuggled phones. By the end of the month, any unregistered phones will stop working with the mobile networks.