Sindh Becomes the Leading Tax Collector in Pakistan

Sindh has become the top tax collector in Pakistan for collecting the most sales tax during the past five months. The Sindh Revenue Board has reported a rise of 13.3 percent in sales tax collection, as compared to the last fiscal year.

This year’s revenue has increased to Rs. 35.902 billion in the period of July-November of 2018-19, while the revenue recorded for the same period last year was Rs. 31.69 billion.

The SRB has collected Rs. 7.986 billion this November, which is way greater than the tax collection of last November, i.e., Rs.6.652 billion marking an increase of 20.06 percent.


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The increased revenue has come as a surprise given the suspension of tax on postpaid and prepaid cards by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The SRB says, “The success in achieving the growth of 20.06 percent in the revenue during November 2018 has been made possible because of the continued trust and cooperation of SRB taxpayers, the continuous support by the government of Sindh and the relentless efforts of the SRB employees.”

On the contrary, other provincial revenue authorities do not seem to be faring well. For one, the Punjab Revenue Authority has seen a decrease in the tax revenue of the first five months of the current fiscal year. It has collected Rs. 35 billion this year, which is way less than Rs. 43 billion collected in July-November last year.

As for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the revenue authorities managed to collect only Rs. 889 million this year while it was Rs. 980 million in the same period last year.

Balochistan has not released any data regarding sales tax collection hitherto.

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