Oppo A7 is a Low-Midranger That Costs Rs. 40,000 [Review]

Oppo has been around in Pakistan for quite a few years now and they have been producing somewhat decent budget phones for the masses. They have even experimented with some unique flagship phones as well, like the Find X. But, Oppo is mostly known for their midrange and budget phones and that’s what they’re good at.

I, personally, have had good experience with Oppo phones and also loved their recent installment in the F Series, the F9. So, I was surprised to hear that they are also launching an A-series phone with a price tag of Rs. 40,000. This price tag is double the price tag of its predecessor, the A71 and that wasn’t a good start for the brand new A7.


Keep in mind that the A series is a budget series from Oppo, so pricing it at Rs. 40,000 meant they had to pull off something great to justify the price but unfortunately, it fell short of the competition and we were left scratching our heads at how Oppo decided to go ahead with the pricing on this particular phone.

Check out our detailed review below to fully grasp the conundrum that is Oppo A7.


Camera Samples

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