Facebook adds GIFs and Other Features to Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite, a lightweight version of Facebook’s popular messaging app, is finally getting animated GIF’s. Users will be able to send and receive animated GIF’s, improving the overall experience of using Messenger Lite.

The app, since its inception, has been able to receive GIF’s but, before today, it couldn’t send animated GIFs. In essence, they were only still pictures like any other popular picture format but starting today they will play within the app as was intended with the GIF format.

In order to keep the app as light as possible, Facebook recommends using a third-party GIF enabled keyboard such as Google’s G-Board. Users will also be able to send files within the app itself using the “+” sign.

It will also get almost all the customizations featured in the full sized version of Facebook’s Messenger app. Users will now be able to change the color of the conversation’s text bubbles and assign nicknames to the people they are having a conversation with or even change the name of a group chat.

Facebook has successfully kept the app light (under 10mb) while making it feature-rich at the same time, the app got the video calling feature earlier this year. While primarily targeted at developing countries, the app is available in over 100 countries. Messenger Lite is a great data saving alternative for people who aren’t interested in sending snapchat styled texts or playing games in messenger.

You can download Messenger Lite on Android.

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