PC Hotel Owner Hashwani Donates Rs. 60 Million to the PM for Dam Fund

Chairman Hashoo Group and renowned businessman, Sadruddin Hashwani, called on Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday at his office.

Hashwani presented a cheque worth Rs. 60 million to the Prime Minister for the PM and Chief Justice’s Dam Fund. The Prime Minister appreciated Hashwani’s gesture of generosity for the national cause.

He said that the government was working to construct large water reservoirs in the country to address the issue of water shortage.


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Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vawda, and Chairman Wapda Lt. General (retd) Muzamil Hussain also met the Prime Minister at his office.

They briefed the Prime Minister about the water projects being executed in the country. They also informed the Prime Minister about the measures being taken for construction of large water reservoirs including Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dams.

  • The content seems more like a tweet which has been hardly stretched to a mere 135 words write up. Why are you guys in such a hurry that you can’t even write a proper micro-article?

  • Aoa. Farward this message to Hashwani sb, Donate me just Rs 1 Million for my 05 marla house lunter which is pending for last 22 years. 3018887211

    • Beggars are everywhere. you should be ashamed of yourself that after 22 years you are still begging. Its a long time to put up “lunter” for 5 Marla.

  • 60 million is not much to meet the PM and gain cheap publicity.
    This guy is just another Malik Riaz of hotel industry.
    He is Ismaili by faith and everyone knows how Muslims face discrimination on every level in his hotels PCs, Marriott etc. from Gilgit to Karachi and Muzaffarabad to Gwadar.
    OTOH, he bribed CDA to close down Sheraton Hotel Project at Kashmir chowk in Islamabad to retain his monopoly on hotel industry. A huge foreign investment was “thwarted” by him.
    Sharm inn ko magar nahi aati….

    • Agreed with your first line & probably with the second one too!

      Regarding the third line, it’s his money, so he has every right to hire from people of his own sect. No? It is not a govt organization that should offer equal job opportunities to all the citizens (unfortunately, not the case with Pakistan).
      Lastly, don’t you think that Ismaili people have far better customer-centric behaviour as compared to other Muslims who are mostly trouble makers for their employers?? Ismailis are really good in hosteling & tourism industry & are often well mannered.

      P.S: I am not an Ismaili & not am from GB either.

    • This is the guy who doesn’t closed his hotels and left for foreign countries when Pakistan was in crisis. After 9/11 his business faced biggest hit as tourism was finished and not every can survive in this environment but this guy stood strong and believed in this country. Yes he was strongly against the policies of Zardari that’s why he had issues with the different govt in every time and for your kind knowledge do some research first before using the name of Ismaili here. What you are doing in this country peacefully is just because of Ismaili’s and their contribution for this country.

    • And from the next time when you beg in front of world bank don’t ask Ismaili’s to be your guaranteers.

    • Bro its common everywhere. Har Successfull business man hamara ya Pakistan ka dushman lagta hy. You dont see k iss bandy ke wajah sy kitny logon ka ghar chal raha hy. Ppl like you are actually needed to be thrown away. na khud kuch karna or ager koi kary tu usky keery nikalny. Everywhere in world ppl appreciate local business or businessmen but here we always hate our own brands. Sheraton is foreign brand and you are happy with it but PC is not your type. I dont know if you are able enough to afford PC or such kind of staying. bas chawal marni hoti hy.

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