PEMRA Continues Crackdown Against Illegal Indian DTH Services

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is continuing its ongoing crackdown against illegal Direct-to-Home (DTH) services and C Line in Punjab.

As part of the crackdown, a team led by PEMRA Regional Officer Lahore Senior Inspector, Amir Maqsood Bhatti, and PRO, Mazhar Chohan, conducted operations against the illegal DTH/C Lines in the province.

The action was taken on the direction of Regional General Manager of PEMRA, Ayesha Manzoor Wattoo.  During the operation, 112 remote controls and receivers, 20 LNBs and 105 Satellite dishes were confiscated by the authority’s team.


Supreme Court Overturns DTH Decision Against PEMRA

According to Ayesha Wattoo, no relaxation will be given to those who are found involved in this illegal activity and this operation will continue.

Earlier this year, the regulatory authority launched a crackdown against the illegal DTH services and C Line on the instructions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Most of the illegal Direct-to-Home or DTH services show Hindi-language contents.


Direct to Home TV (DTH) Coming Closer?

Prior to the action, there had been a mushroom growth in such DTH services in Pakistan despite tense Pak-India ties.

Unlike the cable connections, DTH service is a digital platform that relays channels directly to homes from a satellite through small dish antennas.

According to a media report, before the ongoing operation, there were DTH users ranging from 70,000 to 2.5 million with most of them concentrated in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Apart from the crackdown, PEMRA had planned to award DTH licenses to Pakistani investors to curb the use of illegal Indian DTH services. However, the auction had to be canceled due to managerial issues related to corruption.

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  • PEMRA itself is joke , they couldn’t digitize cable in metro cities , they couldn’t launch DTH in Pakistan, auction was done in 2016 and they not pursued the case against stay order and now its over 9 months time since stay was lifted by SC they still not awarded DTH license to successful bidders which are now on verge of backing out from deal and want refund of their token money. PEMRA is another white elephant eating up our tax money and their performance is self explanatory who keep on issuing news licenses and very few sports and infotainment channels

    • I think it will be much better if pemra just forces tv sets in the country to must have a digital tuner.

  • Absar Alam would be happy that the Auction was cancelled, else would be in Jail by now on ‘Corruption Charges’ by ‘NAB’.

  • DTH in Pakistan will be a failure before even it gets launched. The reason is high satellite bandwidth costs. Have you even talked about millions of dollars being paid to the foreign satellite manufacturers and operators?? Do you think at current bad economic times our country can afford to pay hundreds and millions of dollars a year for satellite rent? .Even in India where the local satellite are made and launched the profit margins have gone so low that 2 dth providers have merged. Pemra should just give license to digital terrestrial tv channels and forget DTH.

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