Five Pilots Employed By PIA Have Not Even Passed Matric: CAA

At least five pilots of the national flag carrier PIA turned out to be without matriculation certificates, a report prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority revealed.

A report of CAA regarding the verification of PIA pilots’ degrees revealed that at least five pilots working for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) do not even hold a matriculation certificate.

The report was submitted to the Supreme Court by the Authority during the hearing of a suo motu case regarding fake degrees of PIA pilots.


20 PIA Air Hostesses & Stewards Hold Fake Matriculation Certificates

The case was heard by a two-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar at the Lahore registry of the apex court.

The report said that degrees of seven pilots were found to be fake, while five pilots had not even passed matriculation examination.

The judge remarked that people’s lives were put at stake. “A person with a qualification less than matric is not even authorized to drive a bus, here planes are being flown by pilots who are not even matric pass,” Justice Ijaz Ahsan remarked.

The representative of PIA informed the bench that the administration of the national flag carrier has sacked 50 pilots, who failed to provide their academic credentials.

The Supreme Court ordered the concerned authorities to complete the process of degree verification and submit a final report on the matter within two days.

Earlier, during the verification process of the certificates of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) employees, it was revealed that 20 air hostesses and stewards of the national flag carrier hold fake matriculation certificates.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that the educational credentials of these employees lack credence.

The CAA had earlier sent the certificates to different educational boards of the country for verification. All the boards confirmed that more than 20 crew members have fake degrees. Following the disclosure, the aviation industry’s regulator asked PIA to fire all staff members with fake certificates. The national flag carrier has initiated action against them in this regard.

Earlier this month, PIA informed the Supreme Court that at least 12 pilots and 73 crew members had fake degrees.

  • essque

    So what?!. They can fly a plane, can’t they or so they have been flying all this time.
    That’s another thing that they fudged their records to get enlisted & must have paid huge amounts for their selections and further ratings during the careers.
    Nothing ever happened to the dozen pilots & dozens of crew members who had fake degrees…. YET.
    Its high time that there’s action to all this talk …..

    • It’s time to save Money in PIA & PIA understand that Unemployment is only the final way to save Money Because (Hum Nahi Sudhre Ge)

    • Armaghan

      don’t you think its unfair for those who have Aviation degree but didn’t got job just because of these a**ho*es ???

      • Pretty sure these people were able to enter because of political influence. I mean, PIA is filled with the cronies of people looters.

    • Actually now that they have flown thousands of miles already, yes they have the experience. BUT the more important question here is regarding the induction process, and how the heck these individuals were able to bypass the systems inplace. Also, do you really think it’s a good precedent to those who actually spend countless hours to become Pilot? Have some sense.

  • Apna PIA Zaindabad : RIP HR Team
    Yaha Private Wale Matric Se Master tak ki Certificate Mangte hai Wo Bhi Attested :

  • Answer

    Behti ganga …!

  • atif

    pakistani are soo genius, even an uneducated can break world record.

  • Muhammad Hassan Iqbal

    Flying license does not require matric degree. Even my friend get license before matric and driving license you have to complete your flying hours only which are bit expensive for anyone.

  • Owaiis

    PIA airline ha ya mazaak hai.

  • Jalil Jahanzaib Khan

    Because they believe “hr kaam Allah krta he so jahaz b..”