Oppo to Unveil a Smartphone With 10x Optical Zoom

When it comes to innovation and doing something new, Chinese manufacturers grab all the headlines and among them, we have Oppo as the most consistent one. However, their latest invention looks too good to be true and only time will tell whether it will be utilized in smartphones.

Camera Wars

As the performance improvements in smartphones have reached a saturation point, cameras remain the deciding factor when choosing what smartphone to buy next.

So far we have already seen cameras with 3x optical zoom from the likes of Huawei but going even further, we have Oppo.

Oppo is planning to launch a smartphone with an incredible 10x optical zoom.

Oppo has announced today that they will be holding an event on 16th January 2019 in Beijing, China with an apparent smartphone launch.

Although they haven’t made it clear that the smartphone will have 10x optical zoom, the theme for the event is “Ten for the See” which ultimately points to the fact whatever they are planning to launch at the event, be it a prototype or an actual production-ready smartphone, it will somehow showcase their 10x optical zoom technology.

Not to mention that recently a snapshot of a patent filed by Oppo leaked to the public, showing the lens setup, allowing up to 10x optical zoom. The diagram shows some kind of glass setup and optical image stabilization (OIS) also available.

Not Good at Keeping Promises?

The 10x hybrid optical zoom technology is no surprising news, especially coming from Oppo since back in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, Oppo also unveiled its 5x optical zoom technology for smartphones but there still hasn’t been any implementation of that technology from Oppo and instead Huawei grabbed the headlines by unveiling their P20 Pro that came with 3x hybrid optical zoom.

It could just be a publicity stunt from Oppo for all we know. In any case, watch this space for more news on Oppo.