Pakistan Among Top 10 in Access to Electricity: World Bank

The World Index has listed the top countries across the world that have a maximum electricity supply to its citizens.

The indexing has used the data from World Banks’s report released at the end of 2016.

With 99 percent of its population using electricity, Pakistan stands right beside the developed countries like USA, Canada, China, Brazil and other European countries that have 100% power supply.

Pakistan and Columbia have an equal score with 99% of their citizens enjoying access to power.

Interestingly, countries like the Philippines, India, South Africa fall far behind Pakistan, having 91%, 84% and 84% respectively.

Other entries in the list are Mongolia (82%), Bangladesh (76%), Nigeria (59%), Kenya (56%), Ethiopia (42%), Tanzania (33%), Uganda (27%), Niger (16%) and South Sudan (9%).

Via: World Bank

  • What’s the use of access to electricity when load shedding is the norm. We have to find ways for sustainable and consistent electricity. This clearly points out that the infrastructure needs a lot of investment and improvment.

  • Access to electricity means that you can use electricity in your home/office/shop etc. This index doesn’t show that there is only 1% loadshedding and 99% electricity is being supplied to the people.

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