International Tour Operators Are Interested in Pakistan’s Tourism Potential

Many tourists, investors, and foreign associations have shown a keen interest in the tourist attractions of Pakistan following the country’s participation in the tourism trade fair at Feria de Madrid, Spain.

As per the details, Pakistan was also part of the annual tourism fair held on 23-27 January 2019. The Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa set up a stall there, highlighting the distinctive features of the tourist and cultural resorts.

The team presented various video documentaries, brochures, posters, and pictures that kept the potential tourists, investors, and visitors hooked to the stall.

The team told the visitors that 70 percent of the tourist resorts in Pakistan are present in KP. Moreover, in a recent development, the tourists can visit any of the shown places without restrictions and without acquiring a Non-Objection Certificate.

This display of Pakistan’s tourist destinations encourages international tour operators to take mountaineering and cultural expeditions to the country’s Northern areas. Doing so can pave the way for Pakistan to join the league of the best tourist destinations for the international tourists.

The event was sprawled over five days. During the fair, many foreign groups and associations including trekking groups, jeep safari, motorbikers, and tour operators from Spain and Brazil expressed their interests in the tourist attractions and sites. They also showed a willingness to come to KP.

Via: ARY

  • Fake New, just because you participate in One Event does not mean people are interested. Fact of the matter is that after 18th Amendment Federal tourism ministry is no longer there to promote Pakistan as a whole. As a result provincial ministries participate without proper plan and highly uncoordinated. It serves as a leisure trip for some government officials. Ask them for a road map until 2022 and they will stare at you.
    There are many more countries and regions participating with much more to offer. You people just do and cover lip service.

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