Pakistan Army Bans Use of Social Media Among Personnel

Pakistan Army has prohibited the use of social media networks (SMN) among all personnel, irrespective of their ranks or departments.

A notification issued from the General Headquarter (GHQ), has revealed that despite several notices, dissemination of ‘sensitive information’ has been observed on different social media groups, which is highly dangerous for national security.

“Policy Guidelines have been issued in the past lo sensitize all ranks on the subject. However, breaches of security and violations in use of SMN apps (applications) continued,” the notification said.

The document, available with ProPakistani, adds that despite the warning, use of various SMNs for official correspondence has been observed which is a severe risk.

It, therefore, directs all active and retired military personnel to exit social media groups, pages and other platforms having military signatures or identity.

All serving Army/civilian employees and retired Army personnel or employees in other mil setups/ organizations, irrespective of rank, to exit all types of SMN-groups without exception.

It further directs the admins of all such pages and groups to immediately close such platforms until January 30th (today) or face the consequences.

It also suggested the army officials educate their families to refrain from joining/visiting such groups and social media pages.

“All ranks are responsible for educating their families to refrain from joining any SMN group having a military signature/identity. Any violation will be considered as misconduct, liable to strict disciplinary action,” it further added.

  • Title says “Social Media” as whole, however article says social media groups which i believe are facebook and whatsapp groups etc

  • Proper standardized curriculum should be introduce in schools to educate students on using social media. We still teaching ‘how to write a letter’ but there is no standard for writing an email or ‘how and what to communicate on social media’. Many sharing personal data in their ignorance.

    • But it isn’t halal. Too much prawn and blasphemy astagfirullah. unclothed pictures of human beings are not allowed. It is immoral. Stealing and cheating is fine though.

  • It’s Fifth Generation War : ARMY Needs to Know “How to Usage / Working of Social Apps / Networking Into Negative / Positive “

    • They don’t have the skills for such things so they ban it entirely. It’s why we get mobile network blackouts for 4-6 days every year. The police don’t know how to use technology to track terrorists so they ban it outright.

  • Wow another backward step by our parasitic army. No doubt the army personnel will attempt to evade this censorship and in the process open up army systems to compromise that they can’t detect easily. That’s what happens when you stop people from doing what they want.

  • There is too much corruption in army. No accountability whatsoever. They don’t want army personnel to start talking about this on social media. Sunlight is the best disinfectant so the parasites in our army don’t like the increased transparency.

  • They banned it cos some army personnel were ( no face shown. only pak army uniform) sympathetic to TLP and anti Aasia Bibi. some videos on fb.

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