Hyundai is Launching Digital Showrooms in Pakistan

Hyundai has decided to launch its ‘digital showroom’ in Pakistan, according to the latest teaser shared by the company’s social media accounts.

This Hyundai platform enables customers to research cars but directs them towards dealerships for the actual purchase. The customers are provided with vehicle information, compare different variants and book test drives.

It offers prospective new car buyers a unique experience through realistic 3D screens and floor-to-ceiling video walls. Apart from virtually experiencing cars at a 1:1 scale, they can also personalize their buy by choosing from the available options.


Here is the teaser shared by Hyundai Pakistan:

The company has opened its digital showroom in various countries recently, modernizing and revolutionizing how people shop for cars.

The showroom will also feature informational videos on Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance program that seeks to add convenience to the shopping process and the Hyundai Blue Link connected car service’s integration with virtual assistant Amazon Alexa.

Another teaser shared by Hyundai Pakistan can be seen as below:

Although no official date has been shared by Hyundai, it is expected to be launched very soon in Emporium Mall, Lahore.

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