Murad Saeed’s Ministries Report Record-Breaking Revenues in Just 4 Months

Federal Minister for Postal Services and Communications, Murad Saeed, has achieved a huge milestone early in career. He now holds the record of earning the fastest revenue in Pakistan’s history.

Both ministries under him have earned record-breaking revenue amounting Rs. 9.54 billion in the last four months. His efforts to turn his loss-making ministries into profitable ones seems to be reaching fruition.

According to a media report, the Ministry of Communication has generated an income amounting Rs. 4.32 billion while the revenue of Pakistan Post has increased by 184 percent in the said duration.


Pakistan Post Starts 12 Hour Guaranteed Delivery Service

In the Ministry of Communications, the income was generated mainly through accountability initiatives.

On the other hand, Pakistan Post increased its revenue by launching services like the export parcel, E-commerce, electronic money, urgent mail, and the same-day delivery service. These services fetched Rs. 1.17 billion in revenues.

Since the minister has taken charge of Pakistan Post, he has introduced many initiatives to turn around the dismal condition of the department.

Via: ARY

    • At least we the people must see and balance Mr. Murad achievement N back him if he increased the revenue in Postal and communication dept.

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