Defense Ministry, CAA and ASF Served Notices for Sale of Fake Bomb Detectors

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has issued notices to the Air Security Force (ASF), Ministry of Defense, and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for designing and selling bogus bomb detectors.

As per the details, a divisional bench held the hearing over the manufacturing and sale of bogus bomb detectors. The bench comprised of Justice Muhammad Ali Azhar and Justice Agha Faisal.

The petition was filed by the Public Interest Law Association. The petitioner opined that the ASF has been engaged in making a bomb detector named “Khoji” and selling it for Rs. 70,000. However, experts have rendered this detector as ineffective.

However, the ASF has sold such detectors to many important places including airports as well as private organizations. The petitioner required that the making and sale of this detector should be stopped.

It was also revealed that the same bomb detector was being manufactured in the UK initially, but its manufacturing and sale has been banned in the country.

The petitioner’s counsel argues that the British court had convicted the manufacturer of this bomb detector, McCormick, for playing with peoples’ lives. The convict had sold the ‘Golf Ball Detector’ in Iraq for £5000 while it actually had a value of $20. The fake technology had resulted in several casualties.

On hearing the arguments of the petitioner’s counsel, the court issued notices to the MoD, CAA, ASF, and other concerned departments and sought their responses by March 6th.

    • abay L, patwari-pannay se niklo aur hosh k nakhun se kaam lo.
      The device is useless. It always was. This was a deliberate scam by the company/its manufacturer to make money out of it.
      The original company/inventor managed to scam so many countries/companies despite the device being absolutely useless.
      Thori boht google tootay dhoondnay k ilawa bhi use kar liya karo. Dimagh thikanay ajae ga.

  • Believe it or not, over the years, I have actually stopped my car and told these people that these ‘bomb’ detectors are totally fake and this ‘design’ stemmed from a fake design by a British fraud. This had made headlines when it was revealed. Have written to CAA, ASF and FIA but to no avail. They only think that I am a crank! Hotels, shopping malls, etc all use these and it is scary as this takes away from the vigilance of the people who should be actually looking for explosives.

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