Zong 4G Celebrates Customer Experience Day in All Major Pakistani Cities

Zong 4G celebrated the customer experience day with great zeal and fervor as its top management and employees stepped out to meet Zong 4G customers across the country. As part of its customer-centric agenda, the company proactively reached out to customers in all major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Sahiwal, Faisalabad Gujranwala Quetta, Hyderabad and Multan.

Honoring the voice of the customers, the teams thanked the customers for their continued trust in Zong 4G’s services and solutions and also heard their feedback and suggestions.

The customer experience day is a testament of Zong 4G’s commitment to its customers. The company is introducing state-of-the-art technologies in the telecom arena, to deliver the best-in-class user experience and is taking adequate measures to keep up with the increasing needs of the customers.

Speaking at the 10 Years of Excellence celebrations held later in the day, Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman and CEO Zong 4G said,

Our customers’ satisfaction is at the core of Zong 4G’s business strategy and we take great pride in being a customer-centric company. Our core focus “Customer priority and quality principle” has enabled us to become the leading mobile communication network in Pakistan. With more than 32 million subscribers and more than 10 million 4G customers, we are Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network through our unmatched products and solutions.

He further added, “We are continuously innovating to enrich the experience of new age digital customers  and will continue to provide innovative services to our customers in mobile, household, corporate and value-added sectors  to help them connect seamlessly wherever they are.”

With More than 10,000 4G towers and most advanced customer services, Zong 4G is bringing the best solutions and services from around the world, to empower Pakistanis and to build a digital Pakistan. For people of Pakistan, Zong 4G is promise and testament of an unmatched digital experience.


    • In agreement with Mr. M. Abrar Ali for a broader coverage of G’s from 2/3Gs to 4G, to be seriously noted by Mr. Wang Hua Chairman/CEO Zong 4G. The basics of 3G covering majority population of Pakistan which are humbly enabled for 2/3 G network, for all our friends/families be on internet as we expect the cost to drop from end user, for the Honorable USF to consider the case to solicit the FBR and the Honorable PM to consider waiver of Broadband for students, seniors/aged population, women above 50 years.

  • Mr. Wang Hua CEO Zong 4G needs best wishes/compliments from myself admirer for your transparency in inducting Ericsson in Pakistan on 4G networks, despite Huawei lead in 4G. As we are in the final phase of GSMA2019 where 5G is most talked topic, with Pakistan 4th Industrial Revolution initiative from the President Pakistan on 5G to the digitalisation of Pakistan. With the Pakistan China bilateral treaty between Pakistan China in mobile networks Pakistan has always supported and would now also support China for 5G tails and beyond for the digitalisation of Pakistan. We seek the Government of Pakistan FBR, Universal Service Fund to consider waiver of taxation of internet for Seniors, dis-abled, geriatric, men/women above 60 be exempted from taxation on all networks in Pakistan, and also trails of 5G networks be free of tax. This will enable our population to enablement for employment, skills, advocacy, independence, and wellness.
    I suggest Mr. Wang Hua CEO Zong 4G of this at the GSMA 2019 AT Barcelona for your initiative for Pakistan and Government consider the waiver provided they find a valid case for exemption for this segment. I have switched to Telenor with good QOS Zong didn’t gave the quality as others. Regards

  • Mr. Wang Hua, Chairman/CEO Zong 4G’s promise testament of an unmatched experience of e-Commerce in Pakistan from AliBaba Cloud which is initiated by AliBaba Cloud in Singapore, Indonesia just recently enabling the nations on Digitalisation Road. Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Amazon are also in the testing phase of Cloud in Pakistan, may I suggest yourself to initiate it yesterday before the regulatory authority makes it mandatory for 4G operators as a standard specs., for licensing of 4G. We have high regards for AliBaba Cloud and waiting for the opportunity of Digitalisation of Pakistan under the Presidents 4th Industrial Revolution in Pakistan

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