Disrupt is Pakistan’s First Virtual Silicon Valley

Being a Tech Geek is the new orange in town now and every tech geek’s dream destination is none other than the “Silicon Valley”. However, not everyone is lucky enough to pursue the dream but that doesn’t mean dreams die, major countries’ governments are realizing the importance of technology and tech geeks in order to prosper in the 21st century.

There’s a dire requirement of not only one but more than one Silicon Valleys, specifically in the APAC region; a hub of emerging markets booming with talent and surprises. Our nearest one is Singapore, China and very soon India, but being late adapter, Pakistan is amidst thought of whether to start out this voyage or not.

TECH Pakistan Pvt Ltd, a fast growing technology network of Pakistan, was founded in 2016 with a vision to connect the dots of Pakistan’s tech industry and create a fabric of strong IT infrastructure. The man behind this vision is an entrepreneur named Kanwal Masroor who rose from the middle of nowhere and made his own mark in the whole industry with his efforts & vision. He wanted to build his nation by prospering into the direction of the modern world where technology is the only way ahead, unleashing great opportunities, bridging the gaps of Academia & Industry, Jobs Creation, Entrepreneurship & most importantly digital & financial inclusion on the level of masses.

One of his prominent initiatives, in order to bring digital inclusion to the marginalized population of the country, is “Girl Digital Leader”. The initiative aims to bridge the digital gender divide by providing fully funded training to mid-career young women from under privileged backgrounds so that they can earn from home using mobile phones. More than 550 girls have been trained in just the first year of its inception.

He thinks that the only way Pakistan can mend the 100 year gap is by excelling in technology, bringing more investment trust and becoming a hub for global technology game players like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal & other relevant organizations that enable the paradigm shift.

In plans of building a Silicon Valley in Karachi, Pakistan – named Technology HUB – he met every possible person in Pakistan’s industry and tried really hard to bring the industrial sector along with the government to the same board. Despite encouragement & praises, the progress was slow.

So just one brilliant day, he decided to build a virtual Silicon Valley by developing a mobile application called Disrupt. And that one idea just got real & launched in Jan 2019.

To his surprise, people actually go crazy for mobile apps and they adored it. Now he’s determined to connect everyone with Disrupt, every possible being who is inclined towards technology industry, no matter if he’s a student, IT Professional, startup, scholar, faculty, entrepreneur or a corporate guru. The vision is to serve everyone and fulfill the requirements of every sector and connect people.

The best part is that people from abroad can also become a part of Disrupt to explore the Pakistani market, which can increase the opportunities dramatically.

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