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Finding a job in Pakistan is not a miracle. Instead, it is a process, or let’s say a puzzle, in which all pieces have to be perfectly placed to complete the picture. Actively searching for a job is one of the pieces of that puzzle, there are many other pieces that you need to take into account.

Practical Job Search Tips

Here are a few tips to improve your chances of getting hired.

Stay Positive and Upbeat

Employers are looking to hire individuals with a positive outlook towards work and life in general. The key is to remain optimistic and keep looking for opportunities. Do not limit yourself to one particular industry. Be creative. Use offline channels too, like meeting HR personnel to deliver your CV by hand.

Customize Your CV & Cover Letter

Tweak your Resume as per the requirements. Use your Cover Letter to better highlight your personal qualities and values. You can also hire professional CV writing services to further showcase your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. The right use of action verbs adds to your professional image. Also, proofread before sending your Resume to avoid making grammatical, spelling or formatting mistakes.

Use LinkedIn to Your Career Advantage

Close to 600 million professionals around the world and over 2 million in Pakistan use LinkedIn. Recruiters regularly use it for hiring. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by creating a summary which flaunts your confidence as a thorough professional. Add a catchy headline, use a professional headshot, and don’t forget to include industry-specific keywords in the summary. Get recommendations and skill endorsements to show up higher in the recruiters’ search results.

Broaden Your Job Search Horizon           

Job sites play a central role in helping you find employment. However, you must also utilize other sources for finding work. For example, you could visit prospective employers’ websites and apply through their career section. Take help from your educational institute if it assists with career placement. Ask alumni for a referral to future work opportunities.

Consider Applying via Job Portals

Significant effort is desired when applying for a role via job portals since you need to fill in a lot of information. When you add all the info, it shows your proactiveness in finding employment. Follow a similar approach by including info like a summary, skills, industry-specific keywords, and projects when creating your profile on a job site.

Don’t Take Interviews Casually

Once you land an interview call, go prepared. Know everything about the company and get ready to answer all the questions you anticipate. Preparation improves your chances of getting shortlisted since recruiters get a lot of applications for each role advertised.

Attend Career Fairs

The fast-paced corporate world requires you to be aggressive in finding a job. Career fairs give you a unique opportunity to directly share your Resume with prospective employers.

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